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  1. Well, I had my trial today, and although I worked out a deal before the trial started, i will still call it a win in my book. The lawyer and I sat down, I refused all deals but at the last second i told her, i would give her a $100 if she would dismiss it with Prejiduce in writing and i would never have to come back to court. She made a call and came back and said ok. Did, I really need to pay that $100? I dont know the answer to that question but it is better than a thousand and I learned a lot in the process. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my case, and the wonderful knowledge that is out there on this site. again thanks guys.
  2. Do I have to follow a templet when I submit these answers? Also can someone help me out with answering #15. Are they talking about th Admit section of this paperwork or are they talking about the original complaint they sent me 8 months ago? 15. For each allegation of Plaintiff's Complaint to which you have denied, provide the complete factual and legal basis for the denial and provide an explanation of all evidence Defendant will rely upon to support their position.
  3. Yea, i caught on to that in admit #11 it wat the Interog #11 I was questioning BV80
  4. Ok, so, i have been working on these and I now have a few questions. Interog #11 Should i use this to call out a witness that signed the original Affidavit that says they are familiar with my case, or maybe some of the people who signed these generic bill of sales? Interog #14 should put anything down here since i am using social media I have not made it to the req for production section so I may have more questions.
  5. How do you guys copy and paste your docs on here from a scanner? I couldnt figure it out so i just attached them all. It also came with Instructions and definitions but i did not scan those, if you need them, let me know and i can do it.
  6. Update...So my trial was set for last thursday, I showed up and before court I spoke with the attorney, Come to find out, they sent me set of requests for admissions, Interrogs and a requests for production of docs to defendant. Because I didnt see them, somehow, someway, by the grace of god, They posponed my case another month, gave me a copy to alow me to answer back!
  7. Only the original affidavit that was technically void due to it being signed after 10 days. Bmc100, would u recommend I send my Own Affidavit now? I would rather not due to the fact that my whole case is based off of the fact that they have not proven they own the debt but I do trust your Judgment! let me know?
  8. the next packet contained a Notice of submission of docs. I included the first 3 pages for you viewing. The rest of the papers included in the pact was what i already had (simple bill of sales) that i already posted. It also included what appears to be the buy list and I am including some random pics of that. My trial is at the end of June. Please let me know what I should do?
  9. I got some documents in the mail, I was wondering if i need to respond to them. The first set was a Plaintiffs Disclosure of witness and exhibits for trial. I enclosed a pic of that. then today I also got some more docs in the mail and i will post them in 10 min.
  10. It's Stenger and Stenger law firm calling, not LVNV. In other words, It is the Attorney calling, Should i call back even though they are not leaving a message. They are calling from a real phone number, not an 800 #.
  11. The law firm keeps calling my phone while I am at work but not leaving messages, Should i be calling them back? I dont want to say or do the wrong thing.
  12. So, I had my second court date a couple of days ago. Again they tried to settle with me, however obviously that didn't go to far. We spoke with the judge. The lawyer asked the judge to put a limit on my motion. The judge responded with 60 days, Can someone explain what this means. Also the judge asked me what I would like to see. I asked for the real bill of sales from each creditor with my info and account numbers showing they own my alleged debt. The lawyers responded to the judge saying that they included it and the judge even said what they had wasn't enough. When I left court I got a scheduling order that he judge filled out from the cashier. It says: Discovery to be completed by: 60 days Witness lists to be filled by: 60 days Disposition Motions to be filed by: 60 days All Exhibits must be exchanged 7 days prior to trial date Other (wrote in) Bench Trial: 90 days I also got in the mail my Non-Jury Trial date in June from the court. Since I filled the motion first, what am i responsible for doing before my trial, what else should do?
  13. He never said a word about discovery, he said exactly what i posted and it was over, we both thanked him and we were on our way. I even asked the bailiff if we were done and he said yep, your all set.
  14. Judge said that it was pre-mature in the case to grant my motion, he denied allegations 1 and 3 and put 2 under advisement. What does that mean, Will i be waiting on an answer from the court?