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  1. That is extremely helpful. No, the debt information they sent did not include 3 of those items, and you're right, they didn't respond within 30 days initially. I will see what I can do. THANK YOU.
  2. With the letter they just sent they included a verification of debt. Would it be worth it to send another request? I don't know if it would buy me more time... If I end up moving, it will be in the next three months, it just depends on a job search. I guess i'll just cross that bridge when i come to it!
  3. I have one last question - what happens if I move out of state? Like I mentioned, I'm in Texas, and the original threat of legal action was from a Texas lawyer. If I move out of state, how will they know, will I have to come back to Texas, will they transfer it to a (whatever state I live in) lawyer?
  4. Doesn't the lawyer have 45 days or something like that to file suit (I'm in Texas)? The last correspondence I received from him was early December. The last letter threatening law suit was earlier than that.
  5. So, just an update on this, with a couple of questions. As I mentioned, I sent a DV back in December and received a "call us, we need more information" letter. I didn't call because I need everything to be done in writing. Last week I got a letter from Resurgent Capital Services in South Carolina letting me know they received my dispute letter and they provided a verification of debt. In the letter they have also asked me to call, which I WILL NOT do. They continue to say that if they do not receive additional clarification they will be unable to address my concern and may return my account to
  6. I have a question about an amount being charged off, then purchased. I was looking at my credit report on this debt and it shows it was charged off at an amount of $2,506. Then the debt was purchased and since the purchase has been accruing interest and now fluctuates between amounts month-to-month. Is that a violation of the FDCPA?
  7. Ha. Wouldn't you know it. My dinky little town charges $360 annually for a private citizen to access the court records system!
  8. I appreciate all your responses. This is what I sent to them: So, I guess it's just a wait and see game now? Of course, I would hope that by them not responding with answers to my validation request (according the the TFC I believe they have 45 days?) I am in the clear, but from what some of you say based on the FDCPA I am still not because I did not respond to them after the first letter.... How would I know if they actually filed suit? I certainly would like to avoid being sued without my knowledge, like @ said they experienced.
  9. So, I just wanted to follow up with those of you who may be interested.... I went ahead and sent a Debt Validation letter, basically I just used a pre-written form I found online and then adjusted to include Texas Finance Code 392. I received the following response about a week later: "Our office received notification of a dispute regarding the above mentioned account. For us to properly address your concern, we will need more information in writing about the nature of your dispute. Please contact our office at (phone number)." So.... I am seeking advice on what I should do next. I will no
  10. @TomnTex - Thank you for that information. I don't believe I am judgement-proof, since I don't even know what that constitutes, I am not on any kind of disability - unless you count food stamps and medicaid because I'm so poor (lol... kinda).
  11. @BV80 It is the second. The first letter was received back in September, and it did state I had the right to dispute within 30 days. This second letter says nothing like that.
  12. I appreciate all this information. I am still unsure of if requesting a debt validation would help or hinder me at this point. Also, if I "wait and see" if they serve me papers, what do I do then?
  13. @bmc100 - No, there is no time table given anywhere on the letter. It simply says "We have decided to file a lawsuit against you. If we do not hear from you, the next correspondence you should expect to receive from us is a copy of the lawsuit. This matter can be settled. Settlement options are...." (I listed those). Additionally, what is a FDCPA claim? @ArtVandelay - Thank you for your reply. I take you at your word to not call them. Should I not send a debt validation request? Maybe my time to do so has already passed. I don't even know if it would help. Also, I can't figure out how to e
  14. As far as I know it is a law firm representing the debt purchased from the original creditor. But I could be completely wrong. Unpaid Account Owed to: LVNV Funding LLC Original Creditor: HSBC Bank Nevada From the Law Office of Michael J. Scott, PC