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  1. I'm confused, isn't this the United States of America, innocent until proven guilty? TELL them the SOL has expired and MAKE them prove it has not. Just be sure to have your proof that it has expired.
  2. I got a couple quick question: 1. When a debt buyer purchases a debt, are they required to send notice to the debtor about the new ownership of the debt? 2. If an OC sells a debt to a JDB and then "repurchased" the debt back from the JDB, is the OC an OC again or are they a JDB subject to the FDCPA?
  3. @Clydesmom, @Brotherskeeper, @shellieh98, @BV80 and of course @bmc100, mark up another win, case dismissed with prejudice. Thank you all for your help.
  4. Up Date: I had their Settlement Offer looked at and signed it and returned it to their Attorney, this was on Sept 22, 2014, they received the letter a day or two later according to my CRRR, I think it has been long enough for them to have filed it but have heard nothing about it yet. My hearing on the two motions I filed is scheduled for the 15th of Oct, so I am continuing with the idea that the case is still on. I have prepared for the hearing and am almost prepared for the trial. I am only missing one month of my bank statements, I have the statement from the month they are claiming I made the last payment and two months after that date but I can't locate the month before that date. I have a request into my bank asking for the prior month just to make sure nothing is listed there. I am NOT going to drop my guard on this, until I have the Dismissal with Prejudice, that is signed and dated by the Judge and recorded by the Clerk in my hand I will continue to prepare for the trial on the 29th of October.
  5. Attorney found, and is currently looking at what he can do for me. Waiting on results.
  6. I have tried to contact a local Consumer Attorney and they are all too busy to look at this case, they all say it is a good FDCPA case but no one has time to pursue it. Would it be wise for me to use one of the southern lawyers, (by southern, I mean someone south of I-69)?
  7. But that's what I am trying to avoid, Lawyers are worse than Doctors. lol
  8. I have PRA's Summons & Complaint, Statement of Account, Affidavit, Bill of Sale all claiming that PRA bought, maintains and owns this account. And I have the courts order to dismiss without prejudice.
  9. No, her first letter says: "CLIENT: Synchrony Bank" "ORIGINAL CREDITOR: Sam's Club MC"
  10. There are also included Monthly Billing Statements from 10/2010 til 2/2011. No charges or payments on these billing statements but lots of interest and fees added in.
  11. DEBT VALIDATION FORM Account No: ************8917 (Again, wrong number) Identity of Original Creditor: Synchrony Bank Name of Debtor: Me Address of Debtor: My House Balance of Account: $3k+ (All of the above is in a table with each bit of information in it's own box) Debt was Original Creditor ____X____ Assigned _________ Purchased _________ This is it, this is all that is on the Debt Validation Form
  12. Her letter states: Her Addy (Letter head) My Addy RE: Synchrony Bank Regarding account number ending in ************8917 (FYI:This number doesn't match account number on monthly billing statements) Our File # G####### This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Dear Mr. Me I am in receipt of your recent correspondence wherein a request for validation of the above-reference debt was made. Pleas be advised that Synchrony Bank is the issuer of a Sam's Club credit account. Attached to this correspondence please find a Debt Validation Form and copies of the monthly billing statements for the subject credit account. Please call me at 248-306-2000, extension 106 to discuss this matter further. Respectfully yours, MJE LMRM Atty at Law
  13. I don't have her letter in front of me atm, but I will be putting the information here tonight after I get home. In all my Credit Reports, PRA (before they deleted themselves off my CR) claimed to have purchased the debt from GE and GE claims to have sold/transferred the account and did a charge-off. To the best of my knowledge, this is another one of those debts that was opened by a close relative in my name.
  14. Well, MJE finally responded to my Validation Letter after 67 days. She sent a "Validation Form" created by MJE, and several monthly billing statements. I looked at some of my old credit reports from earlier this year and it states on the GE trade line that the account was sold and charged off. I haven't taken/had the time to research the old PRA suit, I hope to get that done tonight after I get home. She hasn't filed anything with the courts yet, but if she does, isn't she breaking a few regulations? And if she is claiming to represent the OC, does the FDCPA have any pull here?
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