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  1. I want to settle a judgement after 4- years when I got it. They attached one of my banks but there were no funds in it so that account I cant do anything with- They just initiated a wage garnishment but its a part time gig and in California they are not going to get much. But I want to rid this thing once and for all. What is the best negotiation tactic to offer less than 50% of a about a 4K debt? Should I contact the debt buyer directly- the attorneys that are listed on the account for wage garnishment. Should I not phone call them or just send a letter certified to offer a settlement?
  2. Should I verify with the bank as I did receive a notice of levy from the bank about the full amount. Chances to negotiate down with them (the creditor) . I see people have said they dont budge on judgements but has anyone here had success of such?
  3. If the creditor does not want to take a payment arrangement and they have levied lets say 2K , should you just keep depositing funds into that account and then it goes to the creditor til its paid off? So lets say you keep putting 400 or so once a month. Can you do this without contacted the creditor?
  4. I did receive the notice of levy in the mail today- but it is unsigned the box is check registered process server but no signatures of any kind.. An exemption claim for was included.
  5. I was very sincere and nice with the three times I called. Ya know, sometimes you gotta speak to different people to get things resolved. There is always bad apples in every company as some are more aggressive than others. Not sure, but these reps are trained to be hard nosed and scare you. Mean while they makes tons of $$ but also sit on uncollected debt that they resell and also buy for pennies on the dollar.
  6. Yes, I do know the issues with judgements. I was trying to get some indication here from the board regarding payment plans for these kind of things. I see that it is up to the creditor. And for what I went through years back and watching the other cases called before me in court, how people were violated and taken advantage of not necessarily by the CA, but the unfair judges who are in cahoots with these companies bringing in massive business to the courts. While there are some good fair judges, justice seems to be a crap shoot.
  7. I lost the case on a technicality and won another one with them. Midland is the worst to deal with. So is the bank that they bought the debt from.
  8. So far no, but I will speak to someone again there and see what I can do. I would like to make an offer less than the amount. I know Midland is the worst. I am not sure if it is worth to speak to an attorney about it cause we are trying to be masters in negotiation. What sucks is that California collection agencies do not have to be licensed as far as I know...
  9. Midland has this website set up where you can make payments via credit card or send them cashiers checks, even Western Union. I have not logged on there yet but the page does say " Access your MCM account to setup and manage payment plans." So why on earth was I told it full payment or the highway, I am trying to find if there is a law with a judgement that allows you to set up a payment plan.
  10. Is this information on stipulated judgement request applicable to after judgement stuff or not? https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-stipulated-judgments-1282.php
  11. The funds in my account were deposited from a company that paid me to work for them via independent contractor via their direct deposit into Pay Pal, but then I transferred the funds to that bank account.
  12. No I tried - I dont know how to do this further- This is part of their BS
  13. I called Midland and they said that they will not work with me regarding a payment arrangement and they said NO absolutely not
  14. I read this but what I am trying to find out is if I should make a payment arrangement with them to sop additional levies- http://www.socaladvocates.com/Bankruptcy-Blog/2013/September/How-to-Stop-a-Bank-Levy-in-California-File-a-Cla.aspx
  15. I am not sure it its too late to defend an amount for the judgement. They still would have to provide information docs and witnesses if it went to a hearing. They screwed up one time before in court against me and I won on another case.
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