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  1. Those struggling to make ends meet sometimes rely on short-term, unsecured payday loans when they need quick cash. Richard Moseley, Sr.—through his group of payday lending businesses known as the Hydra Lenders—preyed on these consumers’ financial vulnerability. His businesses scammed more than 600,000 Americans by charging them illegally high-interest rates and even stealing their identities.
  2. I am helping a friend with a case. The friend is the plaintiff. The other party was served, but when it came to serving a request for production of documents, and sending interrogatories they are refusing the mail. So she wants to file a Motion to Compel. I am assuming in that we also need to file in the Motion, a declaration and also do we need a MEMORANDUM OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES IN SUPPORT FOR ORDER COMPELLING RESPONSES TO REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION within that motion and added to the tile of Motion of Motion to Compel etc, . Do we also need to add this at the end - NOTICE OF TENTATIVE RULING SYSTEM . Is Sacremento, Ca the same as neighboring counties in that area of California. I called the court, they do not give advice but direct you to rules and I could not find the exact rule to use. I her you have to send a meet and confer letter, but is that mute because they are not accepting the mail or service anymore- basically evading.
  3. On my CRA payment history it shows first 30 days late in April 2017 , then it shows paid ok in green Oct 2011 On the status update section on the left it shows status Updated March 2012 I am trying to figure why it says March 2012 and what that means as to how long the 7-year itch is up on this account. Please see file below. I believe it should be reported delinquent in 2011 , not 2012
  4. So basically I will get the same answer from them they gave the CRA Experian? ( We did not find an error and this was reported correctly) And- I am just banking on them not responding within the 30 days.
  5. this is a must listen for all of us here
  6. I disputed with the OC 3 tradelines with Experian (Chase and Bank of America), they all came back issued resolved with no explanation other than, we have the correct information reported. The accounts are from 2011 and 2012. I now will have to dispute directly with the OC. When I do, what information do they have to exactly send to me to prove they are right. I no longer have my documents with these credit card accounts, and I know the burden falls on them to prove and if they cant, they have to remove
  7. Helping a friend with a civil case. Looking to site cases for the complaint. 1. Landlord releases private information on a rental application to someone who coerced landlord to give them this info. The person is an individual, not a lawyer. The party requesting the information is involved in another court case with the landlord's tenant in a different state. Information was posted online as the public record, but it is illegal in California for a landlord to pass this information with ss#, bank info etc without the consent of the tenant, unless he has a court order. And that is not the case, as the tenant has not committed any crime, but is an innocent victim of malice and conspiracy. I am looking for court cases to site for listed causes of action such as breach of contract-, Rico-/Extortion-Conspiracy-Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress-Common Law Bad Faith Against Plaintiff
  8. I received a notice from the county recorders office about the notice of unrecorded lien from collection case I had that lost that resulted in judgment over a year and 1/2 ago. I called the collection company and they said they found my new employer xyz company and their attorney has not signed on it yet- the job pays under $100 per week its a part time gig. She asked me to send pay stubs for a few weeks to see about a payment program. I told her I cannot pay the debt I am out of work really. Could I get away with small payments to keep them off my back till I can settle in full or negotiate when I am in a better financial position? How should I proceed? The OC is the most fu*** bank in the news for violations.
  9. Thanks for that-- This is great info- CEO being grilled live on CNBC now - Talking about RICO charges- This guy is screwed.
  10. For those who have been sued by Wells Fargo for credit collections, how will this event about Wells Fargo fraud in the news recently affect those who lost their lawsuits and those that are still going forward? How do those know their accounts were fraudulent when the bank said that you get free additional accounts when you open a checking or saving account and they used your ss# fraudulently and you did not realize it to open credit card? Can you even appeal your lost lawsuit? Would they have to supply a signed document by you to prove they opened the account in good faith?
  11. What I learned from this board when I had my lawsuit and won - and credit the amazing California major players here helping- Anon Anos, Calawyer, and Sadinca too . It's about discrediting the documents and the witnesses and everything they have. They most likely cannot produce your original contract. The full scope of bills will be missing from your firts to the last. Don't give them anything ever- they have to prove why you owe- plain and simple. The witnesses they will try to provide at your trial (if it gets to that) are usually not credible. Reel through my threads with this collection firm and you will get an insight.
  12. Sort of off topic from collections but more about insurance claims When you want to sue in California Federal court you have to put on the complaint about Venue , Intradistrict Assignment, and Jurisdiction. The actual event occurred in another state and the plaintiff also resides in Southern California- Los Angeles. Wonder if anyone can point me to an example of the verbage to say for Los Angeles County on the complaint. How much detail is requested or can it just be simple? I know that goes at the top above or below the introduction.
  13. Last paragraph- riveting case
  14. I know the OC can try to sue, but can't in a sense because of the SOL. In some cases, they will try and prey on someone know knowing their rights and paying them.
  15. I have a charge off on my credit report with a numerical balance listed , listed by the OC. it says - transfer sold. I don't know to who . It doesn't matter because the account is now over 5 years (2011) old since last "date of first delinquency listed on credit report. I can't technically be sued because it is past the statute of limitations. The credit reporting agency said if I am disputing the dates to get it removed prior to the 7 years that charge off's stay on your credit, they said I need to contact the OC. Will I stir an old wound or will this benefit me counting on that they cannot reply and will not have my records on file to respond. I think most likely they will say by letter the account had been sold. Are charge offs supposed to reflect a zero balance? I found this info here on a website. Disputing Charge-Off Records After 180 days of non-payment, an original creditor usually charges off a delinquent account and records it as a loss on its books. The lender then sells or assigns the uncollectible debt—uncollectible to the original creditor, anyway—to a debt collector who will then try to collect the debt from you. The original creditor may write the debt off its books, but that does not mean the account is written off your credit file. In fact, a charge-off is considered a serious negative entry on your report—much more serious than, say, a late payment. Strategies for removing a charge-off from your credit report include: Check for any inaccurate dates, amounts, or missing information that should be listed. The balance of a charge-off account should be listed as zero. The account must list the charge-off date, the write-off date, the first date of delinquency, and the date of removal. Ensure account dates are correct, such as the date of the first delinquency and the date the bad credit is expected to be removed from the file. Request a charge-off statement from the creditor. If they cannot supply a statement, the charge-off is considered to be invalid and must be removed.