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  1. I'm unable to discuss the specifics, JDB did illegal things and if anyone wants to PM about it I'd be more than happy to explain. My advise is to SAVE EVERYTHING.
  2. Bmc100 referred me to a fantastic and hardworking attorny. JDB had to pay my attorny fees and my case was dismissed with prejudice.if anyone would like a referral, feel free to PM me.
  3. @savior JDB is no where on my credit report. Is this a good thing?
  4. It says purchased by another lender 5/2009 but it doesn't say by whom
  5. Yes. The letter they sent me after I requested validation. I'm not sure when they purchased the account. On the statement of account it says "current statement date November 11, 2011". I first heard from them in the spring of 2012
  6. @BV80 This is strange.... On the actual complaint it says $6700ish plus $1500ish Intrest and they are suing me for $8200ish
  7. @BV80 and @bmc100 On the verification JDB sent me it says Original claim of creditor: $6000 ish Plus Intrest to date: $110.00 Total due as of today:$7800 ish The math doesn't add up. I've been seeing several mistakes in there paperwork On the statement of account which was attached to the summons is says Principle as of November 11th 2011- $6,700 ish Accumulated Intrest $800 ish Account balance 7500 ish In this instinence it added up
  8. I'll have to google " propound" lol. Thank you for giving me words, @Savoir !
  9. I did not receive anything from the court other than the notice to appear. Would it have been sent with that, @bmc100? And thank you for the number! I'll call on Monday.
  10. I really like what you're saying! Thank you for all the ideas. What should be my next step? Go to my pre trail conference (obviously).... Then what? I've been fantasizing about Roosen not showing up, but I know that might not happen. Do I try and not talk to him, and wait for discovery?
  11. Also, on the summons they have checked off " there is no other pending or resolved civil action arising out of the same transaction or occurrence as all edged in the complaint." Instead of checking off " a civil action between these parties arising out of the transaction or occurrence all edged in the complaint has been previously filed in ------ this action remains (or) is no longer pending.... Then asks for docket number Did JDB lie there since they did file a lawsuit against me before to get the subpoena?
  12. The only place on the summons it says "Chase Bank" is on the exhibit " statement of account"
  13. @bmc100Complaint Now comes Plaintiff, JRV Holding, by and through attorneys RVC and for its complaints states to this honorable court as follows: 1. Dependent entered into contract with plaintiff or plaintiffs assignor, the account/ loan # of which is, *******, and pursuant to MCR 2.113(f) (1) ( plaintiffs claim is based on a written instument which is not attached as it is in the possession of the adverse party 2. Defendant defaulted under terms and conditions of contract 3. Plaintiff and/ or assignors completed performance under terms and conditions of the contract 4. The account has been st