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  1. I believe if it was me, I'd go into CreditKarma, & dispute it, if it's listed on either Equifax or Transunion or both then depending on the answer from one you will probably get the same results on the other. Won't cost anything other than your time. Might give you some answers, or you may have dodged the bullet so to speak.
  2. Sorry, then the only option appears to me is access the accepted annual free credit report site. You won't get a real FICO score at any of them. Only gives a score you can live with but may or may not be accurate since there are 45 other scores. Banks get one score, auto loans get another, mortgage companies get something entirely different, utility companies probably get another score. You get what you pay for. If it's from one of the free sites you can't use them for squat.
  3. Current situation: I started this journey in Nov 2012, I have charted & budgeted from then on. At that time I figured from the balances that I was $54K in debt both secured & unsecured. No mortgage, included a portion of the $11K in health related obligations. My decision to default was arrived at after I had called all my creditor's trying to setup a payoff with lowered balances & interest rates. Some were willing, others slam dunked me with a definite 'NO'. I separated the unsecured from the secured, I didn't want to lose anything via repossession. Only one of the unsecure
  4. Had a free sit down consultation with a law firm in Dec. Had all my financials and charts. Suggestion, I call the CA law firm and offer a settlement, (that was my favored option). Called offered 50% which of course they refused, they countered at 70% which I refused. My parting words were, 'I guess then you will need to pursue this in court.' - they said 'You bet we will!'. Called my law firm to give them an update. They said I'm 'uncollectible' and can't see any logical reason to go forward, it will only cost the CA/OC, they're chasing rainbows. The account doesn't show on any of the 3
  5. I guess I should have mentioned that I live in OR, OR has mandatory arbitration & according to our resident expert (hueypilot) it's almost 99% sure you will lose. Besides I do have an apointment with the BK lawyer on the 3rd and will discuss first what to expect if I choose to go the way I orginally posted, next see if they can negotiate a settlement for less, next see if they think I can file 7 or 13 with fee waiver. They suggested back in 2012 that I was a good candidate for a 7 but that has all changed in my estimation because of my working on the debts, i.e. getting the AG/FTC involv
  6. Now that I'm calmed down here's the situation. Served a legal notification from Suttell, Hammer & White whom has been 'assigned' to collect a debt for a CitiBank credit card. It says I need to file an 'answer' or 'motion' with the court. The filing fee for that action is $252. I can ask for a waiver of fee, but that is in doubt and that may cost me an addition fee, don't know. The consequences of not answering that notification 'could' result in the court awarding a judgement against me for the total amount. The balance + fees is $3,XXX.XX. I will probably lose anyway if I proceed
  7. @Clydesmom & @BV80 Thanks, makes better sense now. I had the feeling that the initial call was too agreeable for a settlement. Their offer was 50%. I'm sitting tight.
  8. UPDATE: I DV'd Midland about the above account within the 30 day time frame. I received the signed CMRRR green card from the USPS. Last Friday I received an acknowledgement from Midland that they had received my request for validation of debt, have opened an investigation, and will forward me the information when they receive it from the OC. Midland had bought and owns the account. Is that letter just meant to be a note that they are proceeding to valid the debt? Never happened before. In their original notice they did note the account was sold to them by a lender Webbank whom I have n
  9. Teaches me to read everything, Yes, found the reference and it was the same address I had used for the DV. Thank you. UPDATE: We had just returned after making our final payment of 6 for the VISA account I had agreed to a 'Settled for less'. Emotions were up then down.
  10. Midland sent me a first contact letter after they made their first phone contact. I responded with a DV (CMRRR) 5 days prior to the 30 day time limit of the date on the letter. This morning my wife (only phone contact number they had) received a robo call from them. I haven't received any documents or responses to my DV, It's only been 10 days since I had sent it. Also I should note, I haven't received my green card back. I sent the DV to the address on the original request, but included in their envelope was a self-addressed envelope with a different address that I didn't use. I wasn'
  11. Someday I'm going to figure out what this is all about. Viking Client Services is nothing more than a JDB that has purchased the right to collect on the alledged debt that was orginally owned by ExxonMobil/CitiBank, who sold the account to ICON EQUITIES, who then sold the collection rights to Viking Services for pennies on the dollar. I'm going to DV (CMRRR). No wonder VCS offered me a limited time 40% settlement.
  12. Thanks, will do. I felt the call was more like a fishing trip. He named all the parties involved. The dates he noted were within the same time frame as when I had called all of the other OC owned accounts. I gave him no more info than to verify my name and last 4. He recited my correct address back, which I then verified. I kept asking him to sent the 5 day collection letter, said he would along with an settlement offer. I will DV and verify as you suggested before anything happens, & no settlement until I have a signed agreement from them. Otherwise I will sent a CD. On my initia
  13. Thank you BV80, I value your opinion. I began with 7 accounts in default 1. Wireless account debt cancelled their bad. They wiped slate clean. 2. VISA - Final balance $5,9XX - settling for less $1,9XX remaining on settled amount - 1099C will be sent for $2,1XX (50% of final principal). 3. VISA - Account cancelled - 1099C (2013) issued for $1,4XX - code 'G' - taxes paid. 4. Retail Gas card - sold to JDB/CA listed as in collection. Been 2 years nothing further. 5. CitiBank/MC - in Limbo for 2 years now received call yesterday - said letter sent (nothing received) I asked fo
  14. To clarify the information about account (2): I do have a settlement agreement letter signed by an Account manager, on the OC letterhead. The gest of the letter states what I agreed to and what their action will be if and when I complete the agreed payment schedule. I go into one of their retail stores' customer service counter and pay in cash, ask for a reciept that I staple to the back of the letter and have the clerk initial & date it. I monitor the account balance through CreditKarma. It shows the balance going down by the amount of my payment. I feel comfortable with the agree