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  1. The debt was incurred in April of this year, I was forced by my manager to go to the hospital for a non-work-related injury. The letter was as follows: Dear MACS It appears that you have ignored our requests for payment of this obligation, accordingly we may refer this matter to our attorney for whatever efforts deemed appropriate to collect the obligation. Should you wish to avoid this, we look forward to discussing this matter with you on or before December 10th, 2013.
  2. So approximately 4 months ago I received a notice from a debt collection agency that I owed $4700 to them. I called them the next day and requested a list of what exactly the fee was for, they told me who it was from (a hospital but I already guessed that) and said they would get the detailed report out to me ASAP. I never got the list. Fast forward four months and my phone starts ringing at least twice a week while I'm at work even though I told them specifically what time not to call. I attempted to return their call the first time I got put on hold for 20 minutes and ended up hanging up, I attempted to call a few days later and got sent to my "agents" voicemail. I left him a voicemail repeating that I would not consent to pay until I saw the list of what I was being charged for. Shortly after I get a letter from them at my new address saying I had been avoiding their attempts to collect the debt and if I didn't pay by the 10th of this month they would get a lawyer involved. My questions: is this legal? and is there anything else I can do? I cannot afford the $4700 right now, but should I set up a payment plan with this company?
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