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  1. Thanks, will do. At least he might be able to help me with the Fact of Information sheet. And submitting something so they do not freeze my disability payments. (I realize they are not SUPPOSED to, but they do, as we all know.) Appreciated, K2
  2. Hello: I need help finding a lawyer would be willing to request a re-trial after default judgement has been served. I am disabled and hired an attorney when I was originally sued in April of this year. He "resigned" 2 working days prior to the 20 day limit of answer. I relapsed, and was unable to get another attorney or find out about the court date, etc. A motion for final judgement was entered Oct 2013 and granted Nov 2013. I would like a re-trial based on the original attorney's resignation 2 working days prior to answer as I am totally disabled and am not able to defend myself nor c