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  1. MrBubby - I am helping someone in a similar situation, same law firm, same plaintiff, same court, except with a credit card debt. The other simliarity is the affidavit. It is signed by Jessica Vogt. However, I noticed that the signature doesn't seem to be that of Jessica Vogt. I did a search for her name with midland funding and came up with this case which has the same address but with a Jessica Vogt as the notary. Her signature is different. So is there a Jessica Vogt that works as a notary and notarizes for the same offices where a separate Jessica Vogt works as a "legal specialist?" I would be very interested in seeing the signature used on your affidavit in order to compare notes. I sent a PM on the matter. Anyone else have a Jessica Vogt notarized case file with signature? Thanks! -azblues