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  1. Thanks. I will take your advice and send a DV letter to the new CA. Since the JDB would apparently rather play games than take my payment, I guess I'll just play along for awhile longer and see what happens. Still don't get why they just didn't refuse my settlement offer in the first place if they had no intention of letting me pay the settlement. Never thought I'd be mad that a CA wouldn't take my money (haha), but this is the last of the old junky debts that I had and I just wanted it finally gone.
  2. Thanks. Yes, Chase has been out of It since 2010. I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to settle this. I once ignored a JDB only to have them sue me over a debt that was so small, I thought they'd never bother to take it to court. So I figured I'd try to settle this one before it reached that point. This one is not a huge amount either, which is why I don't understand their logic of reclaiming and switching it to another agency after initially accepting a settlement in writing. Is it really worth all that just to attempt to squeeze a few more bucks from me when I could've already
  3. Thanks for your response. No second mistake made. I haven't given them any bank account info. I tried to make a payment as agreed, but since the account was "reclaimed" they didn't get anything. You are apparently right about my first mistake though.
  4. Last month I made a written offer to settle a debt claimed that I owe by Credit Control, a collection agency acting on behalf of JH Portfolio Debt Equities, a JDB that had apparently purchased debt from a charged off Chase account. I received a response in writing from Credit Control stating that they were authorized to agree to my offer and that once my payments were complete, the account would be settled in full. They also sent me the complete agreed upon payment schedule and stated that my first payment must be received "on or before" November 29th by check, check by phone, debit or cre