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  1. I just wanted to come on the forum and thank everyone in this community for the great information. The information I learned from here helped me go up against Midland Funding in court and it was unremarkably amazing how easily they back off once you kick the legs out of their faux case. In my experience, they had no evidence to prove they owned an account from the OC. They had bought a portfolio of debt that must have been sold multiple times before it ended up with them. Their portfolio of an alleged debt I owed had CC statements, a bill of sale, cert of conformity, among other things. We go to court and at first they try to make you admit you're come kind of criminal and that you owe them big time, but in reality if you know the facts of the case and some civil procedure, they got nothing on you. I thought it was actually fun going up in front of the judge and seeing the plaintiff move for a dismissal. It was quite invigorating and empowering. Just remember, know your rights and always fight.