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  1. I'm for sure going too, just was hoping to get some stuff answered before I made the call.
  2. I'll try to keep this short and sweet, I racked up a lot of revolving debt about 5 years ago, almost 60k worth. I paid a lot of it off, down to about 30k now of straight credit card debt but in the past year or so it creeped up to like 36k since I bought a house and filling a house with stuff is pricy. I live in PA, I make like 90k a year but this is with two jobs at 70+ hrs a week which I couldn't have sustained for much longer anyways. I also have a mortgage with my fiancée and a car note. The other day I hurt my leg and I'll be out of work for 2 to 3 months, I got surgery next week. Right now all my credit accounts are in good standings but I know I'm going to fall behind. I'll have no issues paying the mortgage and car note with my wifes income and the little savings we have together but the credit cards are a bridge to far. My fiancée is scared if I file for bankruptcy it will effect her credit or our mortgage we have together, will it? Also since I can continue to pay for my car will it be a issue to keep it? I have no savings to myself but do have a joint savings account with my wife with about 10k in it, can that be protected? Will I have to worry about people coming to the house and trying to sell our furniture/TVs? My car note for example is with a local credit union, I also do my general banking with them, I have a credit card with them with about 7k on it. If I file and discharge that card will they close my checking/savings account? Thanks for taking the time to read
  3. Hahah man i'm just a wanna be RN that settled for an LPN because I was goofing off to much in school. Got lucky and fell into some good paying gigs. Gonna go back to school this winter when I have all my debt paid off. Also helps I work 70+ hours a week! I take home like 5500/month. live on about 2k, sometime a little more, sometimes a little less depending on whats up. Anyways, what more details do you need? The CC debt is over like 5 credit cards, all high interest.
  4. I'm in credit recovery after a really awful time in my life. My old long since stiffed accounts have fallen off my credit report and they few I kept up on are coming down every month. The CreditKarma and Creditwise app are reporting that my Credit Score is just above 700 for all 3 bureaus. Right now I have like 15k in credit card debt and like 2500ish in federal student loans. I normally put 3500 a month towards my debt. Now every time I stop in my credit union (PFFCU) they keep trying to push me to consolidate my credit card debt with them. Now part of my credit recovery is just not getting any new credit but some of the interest i'm paying is kinda high. Generally speaking, is it a good thing to consolidate?
  5. Okay thanks guys, shes gonna see her bankruptcy lawyer on Monday. This thread has calmed her down a lot. She had a bad year but it turning it around now as she just about to start school next week. Really? What I read it says they can, she doesn't have anything in her bank account. Doesn't have anything in her name besides a old car that's worth more in scrap metal. "professional's" opinion. Get more than one even if you have to pay for it.
  6. No DUI or anything so thats in the clear. She has not filed the bankruptcy yet but is planning to. I just think is saber rattling from the other side but thats just my opinion
  7. Know this is a little off topic compared to the regular posts about being sued by JDB but you guys have been really helpful to me in the past. So my girlfriend got into an car accident a month or so ago. She was deemed at fault. So just this morning she got a call from a someone at her insurance company saying the other party wants more money then she is covered for and is planning to sue. She told the guy she didn't have any money and they just told her they do wage garnishes. She is very upset now as you could guess. So shes already about to file bankruptcy for an unplanned trip the hospital for the tune of 30k, would that bankruptcy also discharge anything that would come from a possible car crash law suit?
  8. Not gonna be able to go to the court. I live out of state of my on paper address. I did check other cases by the same people and it seems a lot of them have the same entry after its been withdrawn. I'm assuming they changed layers and are doing some house keeping.
  9. I settled with a JDB and they Withdrawn without Prejudice on 8/2013. So ever since I got sued I check my local docket search for anything else going on with my name. Well no new cases but I click on the one I settled and it it has a new entry for 2/2014 saying "entry of appearance" and next to it says that the lawyer changed. I paid what we agreed on so I'm not sure what what this new activity is. What could they be doing?
  10. I have no record from that time in my life to be honest. But if the OC is reporting that as the last pay date I can't see a JDB having any records besides that to show. Do I need a lawyer to send a C&D letter? Also does SoL start at last payment or 6 months past last payment?
  11. So original creditor was HSBC Orchard Bank (Nevada), account was opened in PA. Both states have a 4 year statue of limitations. Last payment was (as per my credit report) Jun 1, 2009. So I should be outside the SoL right? The current people sending me junk on this account is Northland Group who assigned Calvary SPV. I got the letter for the "you got 30 days to disput blah blah blah" letter. What should I send back to them?
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