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  1. I can't for the life of me figure out this judge.... I finally, today, received the journal entry from the district court reversing its ruling against me and entering judgment in my favor However, it made no mention of the costs assessed against plaintiff to be paid to me, which were included in the mandate from the Appeallte Court. Maybe I'm wrong... but I am thinking the journal entry should include the amount, no??? What is your opinion?
  2. I love that we can now view the unpublished KS appellate and Supreme court decisions also. It is a new feature, I didn't have it available to me as I did my research. @debtzapper @shellieh98 mine wouldn't be too hard to find...
  3. LOVE IT! That is my sentinment as well... as we continuue to pick away at the courts and their complete disregard for the pro se and/or their mindset that all people being sued for debt deserve it, as well as the cronyism to outright illegal activities between the courts and the JBD's we will all be winners in the long run!
  4. Hey All!! Sorry not ignoring you, there just is not enough time in the day to get everything done... I haven't any new updates.... at a stand still, so it seems to be with any thing judicial... @shellieh98 and @debtzapper I would love to post it but have been advised to wait until all my "things" are over, hope you understand. I personally cannot wait for the day to post for all to see! I can't remember if I said this on here, but as I spoke with one attorney he stated he was surprised it wasn't published vs unpublished. I agreed and said I guess the courts didn't think it as important as
  5. @BV80 Yes, I plan on recording them, I've got to remember how to work that little device, lol. I checked laws several years ago, I guess I better check again just to make sure. No they haven't called my cell, just home as of yet...
  6. I started a new job (in my third week) and with trying to adjust to it I haven't been doing much else, it is much more mentally challenging than my last. So I haven't any updates as far as my case against them. The attorney I spoke with was not lead counsel on the $83 mil case and forwarded my case on to lead. They contacted and unfortunately they are not licensed in KS, but said they have a relationship with a firm in KS with whom they collaborate and had forwarded my info on to them and they would be contacting me soon. Well, soon has passed in my opinion and I haven't heard from the firm. S
  7. I emailed the firm that represented the winning $83 million verdict against PRA in May. They called... they want my case!!!
  8. I just beat PRA at the Appellate Court level as a Pro Se....
  9. This is an interesting read....
  10. So I received a reply from the first attorney I emailed. I told him I had prevailed in my appeal with the KS Appellate Court along with the link, and wondered if I might have a claim against them and their minion. He replied: pampamk, I am interested. When can we meet. I just sent an email to the attorneys who handled the case I posted a link to above, which gives me such joy to read... Fingers crossed, I will be interested in hearing what they have to say.
  11. I definitely intend to speak with some attorneys. I am in no way, shape, or form attempting this on my own. I actually emailed one this morning asking his opinion as to whether I had a case or not (haven' received a reply as of yet). I will have to go back through all of my papers and refresh my brain... yikes! i do recall reading that about PRA not meeting the criteria, but I think I came across something countering that as well. I plan to also look into malicious prosecution... This was such a joy to read: I haven't delved into t
  12. This is the quickest way I can find to show you what I am referring to...
  13. KS SOL is 3 years. The case was reinstated Aug of 2013, so I'm thinking we are good to go...
  14. I will have to pull my notes and see what all I had written down. I can't recall off the top of my head... I know filing in the wrong venue 3 times, filing past the SOL were the basic. If I remember correctly, at one time I had come up with at least 7 violations, and that was at the start of the case. Now that I know more about the laws, who knows what else will pop up. And lest we forget, KS has a much higher penalty per violation, $10,000 per actually...
  15. Now the fun begins... Being armed with this and the recent decision in the CFPB against the giants PRA and Midland, and a few others, I should have a strong case of my own against them and the little minion who took me to court on their behalf. Hmmmm, I am in need of an attorney full of fire and ready to take them on, I will not be doing this myself, lol. I may have to contact the attorneys I spoke with in the beginning who declined my case... wonder if they might be interested now... tee hee