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  1. I need help. I have a TL on my credit report that was being reported by a CA - I paid the OC over a year ago but the CA is still reporting this and updated it to Paid. OC has informed me that they recalled this account from the CA last year. My first mistake was to pay this with the OC before it was recalled. Anyways, I called the CA this year and they told me they don't have that account anymore because it is already paid and that the account was recalled in June 2015. I asked them to remove it with the CRAs. They said they cannot do that. They said the account is being reported accurately. I told them they don't have the authority to even report it because it's already been recalled by the OC. I told them since they do not have the account anymore, when i dispute it with the CRAs they will not be able to verify it. So I did. Experian and Equifax removed the TL. YAY right? Nope. Transunion came back verified. I called Transunion and asked them what information they have to accept the CA's verification. What kind of investigation did they do? I was told that the TU does not investigate. WHAT?!?!?! The person I spoke to said that all TU does is tell the CA that the item is being disputed by consumer and it is up to the furnisher to investigate the account. The furnisher - in this case - does not even have the account anymore - is the one responsible to investigate it? I told him that according to FCRA, the reporting agency is legally required to fully investigate a disputed item and if requested furnish the verifiable information to the consumer. Am I wrong? This guy from TU was telling me TU has never investigate a dispute ever. That all they do is use e-Oscar and they accept whatever the subscriber provide to verify a disputed item. Are they kidding me? I don't know what to do next. Should I send a DV to the CA and an MOV letter to TU? HELP please?
  2. Mortgage lender told me to remove "Accounts In Dispute" on my credit report. 4 collection accounts are affected. All these accounts are "closed." Of these 4 accounts, 2 collections were recent disputes the other 2 were disputed about a year and a half ago. 1 of the recent disputed accounts, I paid recently. I called all 3 CRAs and all of them agreed to remove these remarks (without much prodding just long wait times over the phone). My question is: How badly is this going to affect my credit score when the lender pulls it again? thank you!
  3. @blondie813 From what I've learned in this forum, this TL is too old to be affecting your score. If you can afford to leave it be, then it should drop off in Feb/2016. Other seasoned members may have better advise tho. I suggest to check if there were any class action against Americredit in your state. I too had a car loan with Americredit before car was repossed ~2009. I defaulted because of unemployment/recession. There was a class action lawsuit in California (against Americredit and one of the conditions of the lawsuit was to to remove all repo tradelines of the customers affected and dismissed all the balances owed.) GM Financial settled close to $400million. (http://www.law360.com/articles/346594/gm-financial-pays-388m-to-settle-calif-repo-suit) Good luck!
  4. I disputed Act #1 with CRAs but it came back verified. This is the one that will drop off August 2016. I was going to just wait out to drop off, but tonight, I found the last bill while going through all the paperwork I have amassed when I DVd and disputed items on my CR in 2013. Anyways, this bill was dated 8/2008. Therefore, 8/2008 is the date of first delinquency, correct? If so, 7 years from 8/2008 will be 8/2015 and not 8/2016. Should I dispute it again with CRAs? I would really like to get this off my report sooner rather than later. Do I have other options aside from waiting it out?
  5. @myscoresawful thank you. i will send the gw letter and maybe a copy of mine and kiddos UB04 from hospital (will black out sensitive medical info) to show them the hospital stay dates. lil one is growing. he's 17 lbs now - he was born 3.5 lbs.
  6. @willingtocope yes it is paid off. I called lender and they will update the balance to 0 and will close it. thanks for all your help.
  7. @willingtocope Balance says $109. Should I get it updated to $0?
  8. @Clydesmom Will definitely try that. I will send them UB04 from hospital too. Maybe that will help.
  9. In October/2014, due to pregnancy complications, I had to go on maternity leave 2 months early. my son was born premature and he stayed in the NICU thru almost the end of November. One car payment (due November) was sent 32days late. And I found that it was reported as 30days late (which is true) and I am certain this is one of the 2 things that brought my score down to 591. The other reason is high balance on my credit card. I am planning to pay off at least 50% of the CC balance. Will that help bring up my score? How long will the 30-days late on the car note going to affect my score? Payments have been current ever since.
  10. @willingtocope yes it is paid with the OC. This account will remain on my credit until 2019 it looks like.
  11. I have an installment loan on my CR that is paid off. Last payment was July/2014. It is showing: Account Status: OPEN Payment Status: Paid Payment Status Details: Current Payment history stopped July/2014. Should I dispute that this account is closed? or leave it as is? Thank you
  12. ARGH! So @Clydesmom was right. The CA updated this to "PAID". When I called AT&T I was told it was going to be pulled from CA. But obviously that didn't happen and since I already paid them, there is no reason for them to remove the TL. Any advise on how to get this TL off? Contact OC again? Send a GW letter?
  13. @Clydesmom oh no! I did dispute this with all 3 CRs today. I will call AT&T in the morning. thank you.
  14. @blondie813 For Acct #1, this is definitely past the SOL. Since it is dropping off next year, I think I will just wait it out. FOR Acct #2. I contacted the OC and they told me that they assigned it to Enhanced Recovery but that they still own the account. They said I can still settle it with them. They recommended I access the suspended account online. I did and paid it. SOL is not past and it's not a huge amount. I just want this off my CR. So the question is... What now? I have the payment confirmation. Do I let the CA know? Dispute it with CR? How long do I have to wait? Which is the fastest way to get it off my CR?
  15. 2 years ago, I embarked on a DIY credit repair and was somewhat successful in cleaning up most negative TLs on my CR. A couple of collections accounts stayed but one is set to drop off Oct/2015 and the other medical TL in 2017. I recently pulled my free annual credit reports and discovered that Enhanced Recovery is once again reporting 2 accounts after they removed them 2 years ago when I sent them DVs. They replied to Acct #1 with a statement from OC (but still removed the TL) and they completely ignored Acct #2. Acct #1 - past SOL. - the final statement from OC was from Aug/2008 - indicates that it was opened 5/2012 - looks like it will not drop off until 8/2016 Do I send them DV again? Or a C&D and FOAD? Acct #2 - Don't recall when this account went delinquent - I sent DV twice in 2013 but received no reply - Do i send another DV? Thank you for all your time.
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