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  1. And again please forgive me if im asking alot...its just your realy helping me out here this is some very helpful advice for me and others reading this! @Clydesmom<---The BEST Handsdown!!
  2. Ok so basically go ahead and pay the ones who will sue me, handle the medical collection that should be easy, and just let the secured cards bulid me some good credit with TIME. And i dont know what you mean by CRA's, and I dont know if they are still reporting me. How do I go and find out if they are and how does this change things for me?
  3. Cavalry: BofA CC for $850 which went into collections in nov of 2013. portfolio RC : BofA. I belive its from an old checking account $687, which went into collections in nov 2013 AFNI: should be ATT&T for $416 in nov 2013 RCVL PER MNG: Is also $416 but not sure im thinking it came up twice for ATT&T. but went into collections jun. 2013 NORTHN: i believe is from A GE CC I got through pay pal. went into collections feb 2013. I hope this is clear enough for you.
  4. Thanks alot once again. Soaking up all the advice you give me like a sponge, ignore the message I sent because you just answered what i needed to know.
  5. Thanks alot that was fast! Now that I know AFNI and Calvary are JDB's how do I go about removing them off my report? And how should I fix the NORTHN RESOL collection since its fraud? The one handled by Trojan means that im stuck with it staying on my report?
  6. Also if they are JDB's, how should I go about handling them? Because my ultimate goal is to remove these negative items off of my report.
  7. Sorry I havent been able to update anything on these matters latley. I have some question again when it comes to how I pay the collection agency. My question is do I pay the Collection agency in full or pay what they are asking for, when trying to do a PFD? And was wondering if someone can tell me if the CA's that im dealing are JDB's or actual CA's. From what I hear I should not waist any of my time with JDB's. List: 1. AFNI 2. RCVL PER MNG 3. CAVALRY PORT 4. TROJAN PROFE 5. NRTHN RESOL Also since im going to handle all of these collections at once along with 3 new secured cards
  8. Thanks for the help ill update the thread when I see how things go. Sorry for the late responce.
  9. Hello, Everyone Im am very new to this forum, but also feel as if you guys can direct me in the right direction. I have multiple questions to ask. One of them being; I have student loans that I havent paid off yet and I am currently late on them, I wanted to know if they would accept a PFD letter, if I were to agree to pay in full the amount in which I owe them? (the account is not in collections) My next question is, will having more than one secured cc with low credit limits help me more than just having one with a large credit limit? Next one is, I Have a couple accounts in