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  1. I have 3 accounts that have gone to "Charge-off" and say "Closed". I have a Bank of America card that now is in collections with North Star Location Services according to Bank of America but only Bank of America shows on my credit report. I have a Capital One card that is now with Oliphant according to Capital One but Oliphant is not showing on my credit report, just Capital One. Capital One will not accept any money from me since I'm assuming they sold the account but Oliphant has NEVER contacted me about this account. I even sent Oliphant a letter but I have yet to receive a response. I also have another Capital One card that went to ARS National Services but is now back with Capital One. Again, only Capital One shows on my credit report. What steps should I take next? I'd like to clean up my credit report the best way possible. Do I send debt-validation letters? If so, to whom? Can I try Pay For Delete? If so, again who do I send the letters to - the Original Creditor or the Collection Agency that isn't even showing on my credit report. I am new, obviously, so any help is appreciated.