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  1. Thanks for the replies......I have one more question! I am filing chp7 soon after we get our tax refund. I have been offered a free place to park a mobile home. I have seen several mobile homes around here for around $2000. I was wondering if the trustee will want a run down mobile home and would this be covered under any exemptions since Im relinquishing this house? Again thanks to all here.
  2. My house is worth maybe $20,000 because it is rotton and old, in a flood plain. I doubt anyone would even buy it, why I did, I ask myself daily. I still owe more than its worth. But it appraises at $75,000. If I went Chapter 7, and they look to sell the house, how would this work if it never sold at all? Does a trustee come out to look at the house to see if its even marketable?
  3. If served a summons, is it too late to try and settle with the original creditor again? The original debt has not been sold.
  4. Yep, will do. Ive been documenting everything so far, not stopping now.
  5. I have all the letters and certified mail receipts from past collectors. Surely this should account for good faith on my end. Would it be a good idea to state in a VOD letter that it is in response to the first and only letter I ever received from them? Something tells me they are trying to hide the dates on even this one letter they sent me. It only had return the adress, but no actual name and was mailed bulk, so there is no date stamp. Thank you everyone for the replies.
  6. How do I know who owns the acount? They say they are collecting for a creditor.
  7. Berman and Raben says I owe Discover. Im not paying them , they havent proven anything to me. What is a CMRR?
  8. Well, it seems this last collector is trying to play dirty. They have the letter made out like they already sent some before it, but I have received nothing. Its just basically a short threat with it dated so its impossible to do anything but pay them via credit card in the one day left. Thats funny, pay them with another CC. I would send a VOD but should I? They have nothing in this letter that states that they will even attempt to verify. Ive been reading here and it seems they could just make up fake letters and say they sent them to me? That seems to be the plan best I can tell. Any de
  9. I first tried to work out a settlement with the CC company directly in a letter. I never heard from them again. Then a Debt Collector picked it up. I sent a VOD to them via cerified letter. Never heard back from them. This has been over a year. Now an entirely new collector has sent me a letter demanding payment in full or they sue without further notice. Its the first letter I have gotten from them. They demand payment within ten days of the above date of the letter, but I just got it today, the 20th and the date on the letter head is the 11th. How is that even possible? I have never reeiv