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  1. Today Midland's check to cover my costs arrived in the mail! Yes! 545.09! SUCK IT, MIDLAND! So after you beat their lame asses in court definitely file for your costs b/c they will pay and it's a great feeling to hold that check in your hand. Especially when you consider that at the beginning of the odyssey you felt totally fucked and beaten down. And even more so considering that when I tried to settle with them in the first place - they totally acted like I was fucked while attempting to back me into a corner and accept 1 of 2 extremely lame deals that would've cost serious $ and stil
  2. Thanks for your support, everyone! I filed the MC-10 yesterday although I haven't gotten any notice from the court yet. On Dec 8th the SF Civil Court went to mandated e-filing for a wide variety of cases - In Pro Pers are an exception to the rule (e-filing costs 7.00 or more per filing, depending)- but this means that now they have 1 clerk working the filing window and everyone else is in the back dealing with the e-filing. So I waited an hour to file the doc. I was so happy to get in there thinking, "Hurray! No more trips to the courthouse!" and then the killer line was the ultimate buzz kill
  3. Hello Everyone! I have been lurking around this board since June 2013 when I found out I was being sued by Midland Funding for 1300.00. Yes, 1300.00 - punks. ASTMedic's thread "How I Beat Midland in California" was one of the first pieces of info I found and gave me hope I could fight and win too! I just had court this morning, here's my story: Sued While Out of the Country This whole thing was especially stressing and drama because when they filed on me - I was living out of the country for 6 months trying to work remotely and reduce my living costs in a cheaper local than SF, CA where