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  1. 1.You were likely served by mail to your last known address which is allowed: Travis County online will confirm They have my correct address on all of the legal docs, so I would assume if I had been served it would have been to my home address. 2.You are running out of time if served that way 20 days + 3 for mailing. is allowed, the date posted online means 20 days from that date 3.Questionare is actually Discovery and is important, I saw Admissions which can screw you if not responded to within 30 days of service 4. Focus on getting an Answer sent back to the court and the other
  2. I have some questions that I can't seem to find answers to (it's very possible they've been posted, and I just haven't found them yet). I checked the mail yesterday and had a letter addressed to my maiden name (Mr. at that) from a lawyer in Houston, telling me I'd been sued on Dec. 18th by Cavalry SPV I and that they could help me fight it. Imagine my confusion since this was the first time I'd been apprised of this. I did some searching on the Travis County District Court website and was able to pull up the case and find out that I am indeed being sued. But I haven't been served. I contacte