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  1. ughhh... starting to think I need a law degree!
  2. Is Chase allowed to just reopen and change my credit report and add all the paid late dates all the way up until 2012, when it was charged off 11/30/2010? The paperwork sent with the summons even says last payment was 3/11/2010 and charge-off date was 11/30/2010.
  3. If I could come up with $500-700, would it be worth it to offer them this amount? $700 is the most i can get my hands on (borrow from relative). If I were to offer this amount and they accept, I would want to try and get a pay for delete from my CB report. I looked at the forms available here, but since a law firm is handling the issue for Midland, I am unsure how to apply the legal Creditor/Collection Agency/etc terms & also what term the lawyers would be under. See below. ----> Midland Funding, LLC/Midland Credit Management, Inc/Encore Capital Group, referred to as COLLECTION AGE
  4. I have a bunch of stray cats they can have;)
  5. Any money left over from fed student loans goes to pay for my books, with a few bucks left to pay for printer ink, notebooks and pens. But I will def take it out as soon as it hits this month. Hard to win when the deck is stacked against you. The amount is already more than double, so I am already seeing the outrageous ballooning. Somehow the once charged off account from 2010 is now showing as closed by consumer in Nov 2009 thru May 2010, but then it reopened itself and started posting in Jun 2010 as 30 days OD, then 60 on up to 180 days OD until Jun2012 when it was closed again. Purchase
  6. Clydesmom, thank you so much for the advice. I will def go hang out and see what I can see. GA is so pro-corporation over the little guy. Everything you said goes right along with all my fears. As your crazy dog story is just the tip of the iceberg. Arghhhh. Maybe a good additional approach would be for me to also find out exactly what they can do to me if they get their judgement... or if there is a way to get out of the judgement due to economical hardship without having to claim bankruptcy? I am a disabled vet, and I live on my measly VA disability, which is 3/4 federal minimum wage. I h
  7. Unfortunately, some of the other case horror stories i read had a lot to do with it being very much a good ol boy network here, and judges and lawyers are pretty buddy buddy--small town. Defendant was considered a "smart aleck" for bringing up questions with regards to procedure possibly not being followed. Nothing went defendants' way. Of course, they can now appeal, but after getting dumped on so hard in the court, I know i would be very wary to go further after all that. I suppose it is a fine line in trying to get the court to follow the rules and yet not be percieved as a smart aleck or
  8. I have read up on the forum, plus other advised reading, and it appears my next step now that I have answered the claim is to try and knock out the evidence. With affadavits, I have read that I am supposed to try to have them deemed inadmissable and that I should try to summon the affiants as witnesses. I have done quite a few searches to try and find the paperwork for this and also to find all the rules for the magistrate court, but I am not having much luck. I get the same measly results for the same forms that are not needed, over and over. However, I have run across some prior court case