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  1. Thank you. Update: I went to court early and the lawyer for AMEX came in and signed herself in and also the Custodian of Records that was on the CCP 98. The court clerk asked the lawyer if she wanted to talk to me and settle so we ended up going outside to settle. I was prepared to give my best fight but since this was the Original Creditor I knew it would be difficult so I ended up settling for a lump sum. Thanks to all that helped me thorugh this journey. I saw people there that were not prepared and had no clue as to what they could have done, admit to debt without question and knowing that I was blessed to have had the knowledge and help from here was a victory. The lawyer recorded with the court the settlement amount and they have sent me the settlment letter for me to sign and return.
  2. Thanks @Anon Amos I'm ready to send it in but I'm still wating for the process servers to send me the proof of service back so I can include it
  3. So I've been reading through a lot of documents and I'm confusing myself a little. When do I have to file my objection to CCP98 and trial brief with the court? and with the plaintiff? My case is in Norwalk, DEPT SEY. I'm still waiting for the process server to get back to me regarding the subpoena
  4. @shellieh98 you are a lifesaver for sure...Thank you
  5. Thanks I have been searching through the site.
  6. @sadinca that address is the address to the lawyers office and I have used that I do not have the list of questions to ask them
  7. Thank you guys. I have started the subpoena process and the process server will let me know how it goes and send back a report as soon as he is done.
  8. @sadinca see the attachments File Name.pdfccp98.pdf
  9. @Anon_Amos you are correct. It is a "PLAINTIFF WITNESS LIST {Pursuant to C.C.P 96 Demand} @sadinca my trial is Feb 3
  10. They have finally responded. However, the plaintiff witness list has ME, 3 other names added to it including the first witness they had mentioned before. They also, say "Or any other representative of AMEX" 1. Do I subpoena all 3 witnesses? 2. Address is still at the lawyers office
  11. meet and confer letter sent out. Hopefully they respond soon so I can get the subpoena out. I will start working on the trial brief in the meantime
  12. Done and will be sent out tomorrow when the post office opens. I feel so much better now Happy New Year @Anon Amos
  13. The only thing I see that has a date is the CCP 96 they sent which states 'You are requested to serve the undersigned by Jnauary 16, 2015" so I will make sure the subpoena is sent in this time frame (and they should try atleast twice)
  14. They did not give me a timeframe. This is what they wrote "I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of CA that the foregoing is true and correct, and if called as a witness I could competently testify to the matters stated herein.
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