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  1. The home was sold at auction, back in 2009 I was relocated by work nothing was selling (no shortsale) and no negotiations for refi. It was part of a HELOC and no judgement was filed. I took everything to a local Attourney (Prescott) and basically at this point its a waiting game to see how and if they respond to DV letter.
  2. I understand the question of timeline who owned what when, In my thinking if OC sold the CA what they thought was a valid debt then later OC changed their mind for whatever reason, the CA should be after the OC? I realize i'm the small fish/easier target in this scenario.
  3. I sent DV to both, Cavalry from my credit report and Dynia immediatly after i recieved their letter. I also filed cfdb against Cavalry Yesterday (before letter).
  4. The original debt from Citi is marked Paid, Closed/Never late 10/2006, the collection agency is Cavalry they have a date opened marked 04/2010 it lists OC as CitiFinancial. the letter I recieved was from Dynia and Associates who claim to represent Cavalry. I had not heard from anyone about this account in years then just recieved a letter yesterday.
  5. Thank you to all, I recieved (timing is everything) yesterday an attempt to collect on this debt from a firm I fired off a validation letter to try and find out who really owns the debt. Also meeting with a Consumer Atty next week to get his take.
  6. I posted a question I think in the wrong forum, I pulled my credit and noticed that all of my CitiFinancial mortgage and equity line of credit entries which I defaulted on back in 2008 had been changed to positive paid closed entries. I did a little searching and found that the changes were part of a settlement with the US Department of Justice that (i could not find the full reference only a summary on DOJ website) the negative reports would be changed and no further collections will be pursued. Unfortunately prior to the decision Citi had already turned an account over to Cavalry Portfolio
  7. Pulled my credit reports and noted all of my Citi accounts that had been negative are now positive. I believe as part of the settlement with the USDOJ they corrected all negative remarks. Problem is there is still a collection agency listed in relation to a citi account. All of my Citi accounts listed on all reports are closed paid as a agreed 5/2006 the CA has the account opened in 2008. How do I go about having this removed? I have opened a dispute with the CRA's and requested Validation from the debter (and now waiting)... After reading many of the posts it seems they are 1: trying to colle