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  1. @Az Piano Lady 14, thanks and I will continue to check in! I love this board.
  2. Hi there, Please view my posts. I've uploaded a lot of documents that may help you. I just had my case dismissed by the JDB Midland Funding. Hopfully some of my stuff can help!@!
  3. Thank you to all!! I just got the letter in the mail from Midland. Motion to Dismiss!!! It's over.
  4. @BV I sent them in today. There was no way I could have responded in a day. What does that mean?
  5. Awesome for you!! Here is the Motion. I didn't realize I needed to respond to it. I'll be happy to do so! I agree, I think I will be better off at trial rather then to file a MSJ against them. Motion to continue Bench Trial.pdf
  6. @Az Piano Lady 14 Midland's counsel came in and started saying all my answers were lame and they wanted me to re-answer them all. I told the judge they only requested me to re-answer 5.The judge went through all my answers and said most of them were fine, just needed to polish them up a little. He basically told me how to answer them.I also mentioned that Midland had yet to even prove they owned the debt and how they withdrew the MSJ because they did not have the proper chain of custody. The Judge said, why don't you file your own MSJ? Make them answer you. The attorney said, I plan to re-file the MSJ as soon as she responds to our discovery.The Judge replied oh no, this is going to trial, I can promise you that. I just received in the mail a motion to move the trial date from the Attorney.  I hope the judge denies it. He seems to be in my favor so far...... Thery also filed for 3K in sanctions because they had to file the Motion to Compel. The judge said that was on hold until we say how the trial pans out. What a bunch of A-holes.
  7. My hearing for Motion to Compel is on Thursday! What do I need to know? I'm not sure what happens here.
  8. Hi everyone, I filed my response to their Motion to Compel, I have court on Thursday for the motion. What do I expect and what should I be prepared for? Please help!
  9. I replied to the Motion. I then received a notice in the mail that a hearing was set for next Thursday for their Motion to Compel. What will happen at the hearing??
  10. Thanks folks. I'll be submitting my response and resending my requests for discovery on disk.
  11. @BV80 the rule 26a states that it must be submitted in electronic format?
  12. @BV80, they have not provided any other documentation. They have not answered my discovery and the refuse to answer saying my attempt to serve discovery request is defective pursuant to Indiana rules Trial Rule 26(A.1). My client is under no obligation to respond.
  13. Actually in the court records it shows MSJ "withdrawn by Plaintiff" The bench trial was set for 9/18.
  14. @BV80 It was withdrawn because Midland did not have proper chain of custody.