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  1. Sorry for the double posting, but I ran home for lunch and got the documents. Here are the details. 1) The Complaint and Summons was issued in January 2013 (Expires mid december), and I was served around the end of November and filed *only* Answers stating (in effect), I can't confirm or deny as nothing has been provided that indicates the statements are true. 2) The Affidavit attached is dated and signed in early June. 3) The complaint itself reads like this: The Defendant herein is indebted upon open account or pursuant to contract, and defendant accepted the same. Performance has been c
  2. Thank you for the replies, everyone! @Savior - Sadly, no. I didn't find these forums until a day or so ago so I didn't see the advice of filing my own Affidavit with my answers. At the pretrial, it didn't come up if that means anything, and my entire set of answers basically read to each count related to the assumed debt that I don't have the information needed to confirm or deny. The complaint Affidavit was, I believe, a month or so before they filed, and closer to two months from the day we were served in person. I'm at work now, so I can get the specific dates (and in turn, confirm t
  3. Howdy, gang! I'm hoping someone can help walk me through the next steps of my fight against Midland Funding here in Michigan. Background So far, we were served the complaint with only an affidavit attached, filed our answers, and went to pretrial. The judge provided time for discovery, ordered mediation, and set a trial date. Today, we received a packed in the mail that includes a Proof of Service, Plaintiff's First Request for Admissions, Plaintiff's First Set of Interrogatories, Plaintiff's First Request for Production of Documents, Plaintiff's Witness List, and Plaintiff's Exhibit List. A