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  1. I actually received a call I believe on Wednesday blocked number, I answered and it said "you are on my schedule to be served to speak to a live rep press any key" so I did and it hung up on me. I get a call the next day, same time, stating the same thing so I finally get some lady and it sounded like she was in the restroom. She asked me if a process server came to serve me I told her no. She told me to hold on because she just got the call and she was on her way out. So I guess she pulled up my info which I did not give her any info and she said that this company where I took out the payday loan was filing a claim and she started listing all these claims. She said it was really bad so I said well can I get this all in writing and mailed to me because I have no idea what is going on, she kind of got snappy and said Honey this isn't customer service. I said well im not sure what its about. She said shes trying to help me because its really bad what im facing that im looking at about $1,000 total with interest and lawyer fees. I asked her her name and she said Mrs. Browser, then I asked her who she worked for and she started getting mad and she said that shes trying to help me out and then she hung up on me. No one ever came to my house or where I work. So I get a call today, blocked again, some man saying my name with a recording saying that he made 3 attempts at my place of residence and 1 at my old place of employment but was not able to locate me but will find my new place of employment which is funny because I have been at my current job for 8yrs and my place of residence for 20yrs. Someone is always home so I would know if anyone stopped by. He then said that if he can not locate me one more time he will pass this over to county sheriffs and they will have no problem locating me and serving me. He said he will continue unless he hears other wise from the claimant.
  2. I tried to call them 3 times it told me to hold for a rep n after about a minute went to some guys voice mail. They called my work as well leaving the same voice mail they left me. Had someone else call too and got the same voice mail. Seems about fishy to me
  3. It was a store front payday loan. Is there a difference?
  4. Thank you for your reply. I did default on a payday loan a couple years back that's why I am not sure if its regarding it or not. I read about a lot of scams out there and do not want to be part of one. I tried looking up the companies but nothing come up. I tried looking up the 855 #s left but nothing comes up. Except for one. Maybe linked to Portfolio recovery? As for them calling my brother. I am not sure how they got his number. It is new and I have never used him for any reference. I found it odd that before the voice mail left I had a miss call prior with no message and minute letter was a blocked call and was the guy stating he's coming to serve me. I guess ill just wait for Friday to come n see if he shows up or not.
  5. I received a voice mail from a at firsted wasa machine then a man got in the line on Saturday 1/11 . he stated he received paper work at his office today with my name and social. Attached to it. He is advising me he has a request to put me on his list to obtain a signature for a certified notice of intent for a pending legal claim filed against me. Before he stops be my residence or place of employment he wanted to give me a courtesy call to infom me I am being put in his schedule to be served. he left the number of the claiment if i have any questions or want mire info about the matter. He repeated he will be out to serve me this Friday between 1-7. Either at my job or residence and for me to have a valid picture ID and/or supervisor to serve as a witness. I called the number left and its "asset location sevices llc" I could not get ahold of anyone maybe because its Saturday. My question is do I call them to find out what its about? How much info do Igive them about myself if I call? Should I just wait until Friday to see if he shows? Not sure what its about. I do have some debt but do not want to be scammed. I checked my CR and this company is not on it. Also, my brother received a call a week prior from a man stating he needed to serve me about a clain and if I didn't know anything about it for me to call the number he left. I did and it was a differnt company called nationwide?? Any advise would help.
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