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  1. Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker, & Moore out of Normal, IL
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments. Spikey's posts (I'm also in St. Clair county) and especially his topic regarding Asset Acceptance were ones that helped me a lot. So did just taking the time to read the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure. If they sell the debt than I will just start over. Heck, Midland didn't even have the original account number in the complaint or Affidavit and they were already the second one's to buy the debt. I'm moving to California soon so hopefully their laws are as good as Illinois. As to doing something about the situation in the court room, I don't think that is going to change. It seemed like Midland's lawyer was fairly chummy with the judge. Their law firm has had over 9,000 cases in St. Clair county. Plus I don't think they were technically doing anything wrong. The said up front that they were the attorney for the Plaintiff and just asked the Defendant if they agreed to sign a document saying they owed the debt at one time. What was sad was that they lawyer was taking advantage of poor people who don't know the rules, can't afford a lawyer, and probably don't have the capabilities to get help from a website like this.
  3. I just wanted to thank everyone that posts in these forums. This is my first post but by reading everyone's advise I was able to get Midland Funding to dismiss their case against me. Midland was suing me for a little over 18K in IL. With help from these forums I was able to file my appearance, my answer, and send in my discovery. Midland and their attorneys never answered my discovery requests and on Friday I received their motion to dismiss, without prejudice of course. One thing I have to mention was how sad it was in court to watch the other people being sued getting taken advantage of by Midland. When I walked into court there was a lady with a desk of the side of the bench. She had a copier/printer and a large stack of files. It looked like she was a court employee. She would walk up to the people entering the court and ask to see their paperwork. If it said Midland on it she took the paperwork away from them. told them to take a seat, and wait to be called. This was an assistant for Midland's lawyer. Midland's lawyer would then call everyone one by one and quickly say that she was the lawyer for the plaintiff. She would then ask them if they owed the debt. The people were obviously confused and each one said that they think it was a credit card, loan, etc that they had before. The lawyer would then hand them a piece of paper and tell them that if they agree this was a debt they had then they need to sign it. You could tell that each person was confused and thinking that someone from the court was telling them to sign something. They would then sign the paper saying the owed the debt and their case was over. Judgement for Midland.