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  1. I think my score is a lost cause. I am just afraid of getting served a lawsuit and whatever else that comes after that.....
  2. I guess i will just wait for another letter from them? I honestly have no idea what my next step is. If i do make payments, all other will come after me, and i don't have enough for everything....
  3. Yea i understand what you mean. Last time when i was with the phone with them. They told me either if i pay in installments nor lump sum, it would still be the same amount.
  4. So should i pretty much just ignore this? Until i have enough money for a lump sum?
  5. Thanks Jdoe, that is the suggestion and feedback i was looking for. I have about 4 in total, summing at about 8k all together. So now since i spoke with *This particular 1* about making the payment options, i have not signed their paperwork yet. What should i do at this point? Do i send them mail requesting like DV? I have no idea what my next step is. Out of all these accounts, this is the most current one i'd say. And it is definitely more than 180 days since i last paid. It is definitely over a YEAR at the very least.
  6. I don't quite understand what the "Bank Garnishment" I have direct deposit set up at my work place. Does that mean they can just take anything out of my bank account?
  7. This debt is no where close to the SOL. This "Law Firm" is claiming they are ONLY representing Capital One, and that they are not Junk debt buyer. But how do i really know if that is the case? I pulled up my free annual credit report and it shows that this account is "Charged Off" (Doesn't that mean Capital one sold this debt to a JDB?) I ONLY have enough money to make this monthly installment, however one of you said that if i do that, it will send a signal to all the other creditors / JDB that i am making payment for a certain debt. So i am afraid they will all come after me, and i will NOT have enough to pay.
  8. I don't have much,just enough to get by monthly. But I have about $200-300 spare that I could afford the installment. What do most folks on the forum do? I don't think they all file for bankruptcy?
  9. Okay thanks now I understand. So what should I do at this point ?
  10. Well I received a letter from this law firm about 3 weeks ago. I called them and agreed on paying this in installments for 6 months. They said the debt is still own by capital one USA . And that they r only representing capitalone to collect this debt. I just don't want to pay this debt then all of my sol will reset. That's is what I am worried of. Or is what Shellie saying is correct?
  11. This current debt is not 4 years yet, long from being 4. I am just asking because there could be other debt that is close to the SOL. I can only afford this 1 and i am willing to pay for it. But i am asking if i do pay this 1 in installments, will it set the SOL timer for my OTHER ones?
  12. Okay so it is not implying that ANY or ALL my SOL will reset?
  13. So i agreed to Moss Law Firm for paying my debt in settlement, that was done over the phone. I received their paperwork of requiring my signature. However there are few things they have listed out. And i am unsure what this one means. So hopefully you fellas can help me out. If i am right, i am thinking they are saying all my SOL will begin once again after my final payment has been made? 4. In exchange for capital one bank USA willingness to permit you to settle the account and pay the settlement amount in installments, you agree to toll the running of any applicable statue of limitations for any cause of action accruing. This tolling agreement will be in effect for one hundred and eighty days from the date the final payment is due under this agreement. At the end of the tolled period, any existing SOL period that had not already expired before the date of this agreement will recommence. (Does that mean ANY and ALL OF MY SOL, will recommence, if i pay for this debt in INSTALLMENTS?) What does it mean. Please help , as this is my 1st time dealing with this.