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  1. Do you by chance know how long a continuance would be granted by do this?
  2. Wow, this really looks hopeless. I was hoping to stall for some time so I can get the money up to file Ch7. Not really lucking up on useful DIY bankruptcy filing resources. This is the only debt that has pushed this far. The others have either been passed around a bunch of times so I know I can try to defend those or not dischargeable. Just fell on some really hard times and have determined that I am judgment proof. So they are not going to get anything anyway if they win.
  3. I live in Georgia and was properly served a lawsuit listing Citibank as the plaintiff. Zakheim & LaVrar is the counsel listed. I am not in a the capacity to pay for a lawyer and would like to fight this before filing CH7. I have a few questions that arose while I was googling the you know what out of this firm and how to fight this situation. First, the account was opened 20 years ago. Defaulted spring 2011. They only attached the summary part of a statement and not the original contract signed over 20 years ago. Second, is this firm a JDB and do I have any defense on that issue because only Citibank is listed as the plaintiff? Third, the complaint seems too simple and could be missing some points. So I am looking for any defenses to this alone... 1.The Def herein names is a resident of XXXXX and is subject to the jurisdiction of this court. 2. Def has failed to make payments due on a CITI CARD credit account. 3. Def owes plaintiff $$$ according to the attached account (Exh A), Wherefore, pl demands judgment against def for the sum of $$$ together with costs, interest, and any other relief this court deems just. I have 8 days to respond/answer and am having trouble finding civil procedure that I can actually understand for the Superior Court. Any help would be awesome!