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  1. Received a Request for Dismissal without Prejudice in the mail today. It was filed and case dismissed before we even knew what was happening. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everybody for all of their help and guidance. Especially those who have gone before and documented every paper filed, form filled out or action that needed to be done and took the time to share that information here..... ASTMedics, Seadragon, Homelessinca, Shellieh98, CCRP626, Credit_Limbo, Eyoung.... all of you!! If it wasn't for all of you I would not have worked so hard to fight this and there would be a ju
  2. My husband has to go to court on 5/1 and I am confused on a few things. I sent out the ccp 96 and the day I sent that out I received in the mail a CCP1987, CCP96 and a declaration of Authorized Representative in Lieu of live testimony. The declaration is not dated but does have the correct wording as far as I have read. Attached to the declaration is 1 years of statements, a bill of sale and assignment from oc to jdb and a bill of sale and assignment from jdb to jdb, neither of which have any identifying factors of the alleged account they say my husband had. Also attached is an affidavit fr
  3. I'm still here and kind of at a stand still. I answered their requests and have heard nothing since. My court date is not until 2015 which is coming faster then I know. Does anybody have any suggestions about what I should do now. I have heard nothing about a CMC, is this something I request or something they request? I have followed ASTMedic posts to a T up until this point and that is why I have opted to not send a MTC and "just drill them at the last second" like was stated in ASTMedics thread. I am really confused about the CMC though since I have heard nothing about that... any advi
  4. @shellieh98 I did do a pos so I wll do just that. Thank you for your quick response. They really gave me nothing in my doc request. A years worth of statements from the alleged account and that was after the balance was as high as it is and a few bills of sale from one trumped up company to another all on the same day. One of them they claim is from the OC itself which is impossible because other JDB's have said my husband owed this money as well and tried to collect on it over the years so this debt was sold years ago. The signatures on one of the bills of sale doesn't match from one to
  5. I was thinking about you today and wondering how everything was going with you. Please update when you get a chance!!
  6. I have a few more questions for you all.... The other day I received a meet and confer letter from the law firm stating that they did not receive the response to their request for production of documents and admissions and genuineness. I have a signed crrr that says they received it. The date they signed is 4/26 and the date the letter is drafted is 4/28. How do we handle this? Also now that we have done the first request for documents and they have done theirs what do I do now. I have read other posts where people did nothing and then other people did a second request for documents.
  7. @credit_limbo thank you so much. I will be changing my answers as you suggested and send them out Monday morning. I have not done an RFA or special interrogatories. I will be searching that up next. I have done a BOP and a POD but that is it so far and they have responded to both. Onto the next step. Thank a million times thanks!!
  8. Another few interesting things that maybe some of you have run into that you could clarify for me.... I looked up the companies that are on the bill of sale and assignment papers they sent me. Both of the companies have only two employees and their addresses are right across the street from Unifund. I looked them up on google earth. I know that there have been other JDB's that have sent my husband notices on this alleged debt before 6/25/13 so how did this company buy this debt from citibank? How can I prove that these documents are fakes? Cause I know they are. As well how are they da
  9. @shellieh98 To all of their requests for documents I put: Defendant has no such documents in his possession at this time. Defendant reserves the right to amend his responses per the rules of civil procedure if such documents become available. For the response to admissions: 1. Admit that you applied for a credit card from CITIBANK, NA now bearing accout number ***********. DENIED to the extent that no application was attached hereto for evaluation. 2. Admit that you received a credit card from CITIBANK, NA now bearing account number ***********. DENIED to the extend that no a
  10. Thank you so much @credit_limbo. Your post was very informative and helpful. I still have not sent my answer to their POD or RFA yet. I am waiting a little bit to do that. Besides I am glad I waited cause now I am going to change the wording to a few of my answers. I really wish this was over already but I am up for the challenge and refuse to let them bring me down (or my hubby). I appreciate everybody here so very much and love the support and guidance that everybody shares. It is a great community of awesome people.
  11. I finally received their response to my production of documents and I have a few questions that I am hoping somebody can answer for me. 1. They objected to each demand for a number of reasons which I assume is normal??? 2. They did respond with two exhibits. The first being three bills of sale and assignment. One they state is from Citibank itself and the other two are from other jdb's. The thing I am confused about is that all of these bills of sale are dated one day apart. Is this normal? 3. When a oc charges off the debt is that when it is first sold and not in their control anym
  12. The documents were 14 statements they allege my husband received which like you said he does not recognize and does not remember receiving. Is that how I would respond? The jdb has still not responded to my request for production of documents and I still have yet to see any signed agreement of this alleged account. Thank you so much for your response! It took some of the pressure off of my ever expanding mind!
  13. I have been looking and looking, searching so much my eyes hurt and my head is gonna explode from all the new information it has taken in but I have found NOTHING in regards to how to answer the genuiness of documents part of the request for admission. Somebody please help!!! Thanks
  14. Yes, Unifund is a JDB and a bottom feeder. With the requests for admissions they did the admissions page and copies of statements they allege were received by my husband. How do I respond to the 14 copies of statements? Say that I have no recollection of ever receiving these statements??? I have seen nothing on here about this... Here is the admissions part and my responses: 1. Admit that you applied for a credit card from CITIBANK, NA now bearing account number ****************. No. 1: DENIED to the extend that no application was attached hereto for evaluation 2. Admit that you receive
  15. One more question as I am reading through these forums.... Is the Plaintiffs request for documents and their request for admissions with the years worth of statements attached and admissions page their answer to my request for production of documents? I have not received a response from them in regards to that so that is why I am asking.... Thanks again!