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  1. I seen a lot of consumer complaining about this Johnson Mark LLC but some how they still in business, harassing ppl, threaten them. I will take it to the next level and consult an attorney. Thank you
  2. yes it's my only debt. another thing, last year I had worked for 2month and made about $4000 and of course I have to file tax. will the debt collector knows if I file tax, I mean I'm only getting like $300refund Thank you
  3. A Judgment was entered Feb 2012 by JohnsonMarkLLC for Cap1 debt. I had been reading some of the forum here and maybe its too late for me to do anything but still has hope.... Back in 2011, got a summon for court hearing. I attended and it wasn't NO judge! it was the attorney for Cap1 and me....All he said was for me to make arrangement payment, I told him I can't make any payment due to no income. he said I needed to make some kind of payment arrangement with him or I will put in jail. I know, I was scar and signed the damn agreement to make payment which him and I both know I can't pay.