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  1. Hey all...I just checked the docket again and noticed that a couple new lines have been added. Is this anything to be concerned about? Activity Date: 2/28/2014 Participant: ASSET ACCEPTANCE L SUBSTITUTE OR ADD ATTORNEY - ALLOWED - Judge: WRIGHT, E. KENNETH JR. Attorney: MORTELL KEVIN W Activity Date: 2/28/2014 Participant: ASSET ACCEPTANCE L WITHDRAWAL OF ATTORNEY FROM CASE - ALLOWED - Judge: WRIGHT, E. KENNETH JR. Attorney:
  2. The online docket still hasn't updated but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If they do dismiss without prejudice can't they refile again within a year even if the sol is up? I've found some conflicting info in my research regarding that.
  3. Thanks for the advice so far everyone. Spikey...there is something on the docket about appointing a special process server but that was several months back and it shows that they didn't serve me. There is mention of Proof of Service being filed on the date the motion was filed. Just to be clear...gwheellock915 you think I should not go get the paperwork or show up tomorrow at court and just see what happens with the motion? I PMed you the case # as you requested.
  4. I very recently became aware that I am being sued in Cook County in Illinois. The Plaintiff in the case is Asset Acceptance, LLC. The suit was filed 3/14/2013 and I haven't been served as far as I know. I have not avoided service and I have lived at the same address for the past 20 years with the exception of when I was away at College. I checked the local court's electronic docket after receiving solicitation in the mail from several lawyers and found the info pertaining to the case. I am really concerned bc a court date has been set for a motion to be heard on this coming Wednesday 2/19 and