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    SOL Help

    Ok one more stupid question, I signed up with privacy guard, should I use their dispute form or should I use a form letter?
  2. DMW76

    SOL Help

    Thank you shellieh98 and Admin, I will do some more research tonight, I really appreciate the help, I want to attempt this on my own so I may have some more stupid questions.
  3. DMW76

    SOL Help

    Thank you everyone who posted, and yes I did some research last night that clarified the difference between the SOL and the time the credit bureau can report it. I did read where the companies you pay the monthly fee to are helpful in situations like mine due to the fact they send multiple letters on account that are aged and can be successful in having items removed. I understand you said it wouldn't affect my score much but ideally I ma only looking for a 15 to 20 point rise. Would it affect my score at all if I could have some items removed? Again thank you very much for your help.
  4. DMW76

    SOL Help

    Hello All, Can someone please direct me as to where I can find information on sending letters to the credit bureaus due to derogatory reporting being over the SOL? I pulled my credit and all were over 6 years and in Texas SOL is 4 years. I am new to all this and did not find it in the newbie stickies, all the letters were directed to the actual debt collectors. I believe I can have some on the items dropped simply from the age of them. Thank you,
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