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  1. @BV80 both, I also mention to her SOL 3years for SC she said that doesnt matter since I was sued and the judge ruled in favor of Bank, still no proof though. Is it a good idea to send debt valudation letter?
  2. What is FDCPA? Last payment was either 2008 or 2009 not sure what month.
  3. I've made some mistakes in the past, who hasn't?! I recently contacted the bank I owe a balance with a credit card and loan. The debt was charge off July 2009. My plan was to workout some type of deal with the original creditor, but the creditor referred me to CU Recovery the collection agency they deal with. Per the rep I spoke to the bank wants over $6000 when I only owe 3200 because of added interest plus the rep claims I was sued over the debt so I have to pay for that as well. I requested a settlement to 3500 along with a pay to delete. She said the creditor isn't going to honor and not only that she said this stays in public records for 10 years. I did my own research and found that I have 0 records showing for public records with all 3 credit bureaus and I also did a search with my local county office and nothing appeared showing any info with my name regarding me being sued!!! l called back and asked her to provide me proof of me being serve with papers saying I had a court date. I'm sure I would have went. She said not all court info has to be serve and it could have been sent in the mail and no one can make me open my mail. Since I've had this conversation about a month ago. I haven't received a call nor a letter regarding this debt!! CU Recovery doesn't appear on my credit report but the info from the original creditor does. I need some advice/recommendations on what I should do, please help!!!
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