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  1. Somebody please help me! Today I received a packet from my employer saying that my wages are being garnished! The forms contained a paper stating the Levying officers name and address, which is the Sheriff's Dept in Inglewood. It also says the plaintiff is GCFS. It says the date the judgement was entered was 10/13/11. And the amount is $8586.23. I have NO CLUE WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!! And honestly, I am freaking out! I cannot afford the $630 they want to take out of my check every two weeks! The paper also gave me a court case number, so I went onto the site that they listed and attempted to enter in the case #. There were more numbers in my case # than the site would allow me to type, so it did not recognize it. I honestly don't know what to do!!!! Can somebody please help me!