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  1. Just got six month pay cut at work. We have one CC with a balance of around a grand. Thinking of paying that off with savings and then trying to save at least a portion of the 400/month I was paying on it.
  2. Don't waste your time. Using and paying the card meant that you agreed everything was OK. Those Micky Mouse defenses get laughed out of court.
  3. Wasn't that long AMEX case with JAMS? Even though that one was clearly frivolous, AMEX was on the hook for everything, including appeal - in that case I believe arbiter ruled that AMEX contract was clear that costs couldn't be reallocated.
  4. Good point. I guess neither of them have any incentive to add consumer risk because that would kill the proverbial golden goose.
  5. Kind of moot, since they will follow, to the end. Perhaps AAA is changing their rules regarding fee assessment?
  6. Wow - that makes it easy! Things like stimulus were based on a a two week pause - not two months. There won't be anything left to adjudicate, by then, as I doubt masses of people living by the railroad tracks will really care about filing BK.
  7. Their though is that with vigorous rehabilitation you will find yourself back in the workforce, when they can then garnish your wages.
  8. Main thing is to include language that says that you are not "settling a debt" and this in no way is an admission of indebtedness and was just done to say litigation costs, etc. Something like that so when you get a 1099 you can try to contest it.
  9. Perhaps you are making things too complicated - like if you set a bottle on a table, you don't need to understand the physics behind gravity to know that the bottle won't float away. Same with CC debt. If you stop paying your debts, some lenders will sell that debt to somebody who will take a more aggressive approach to collection - including filing a lawsuit. The rules of civil procedure, and relevant statutes are all well understood. There's no mystery to this.
  10. Check youtube for those folks getting owned by law enforcement. "I'm not 'driving,' I'm 'travelling'!"
  11. What is the cause of action that is going to lead to a payout - that "least sophisticated consumer" would take what she said literally and decide that the only way out of this debt was to "take the pipe?" Basically misrepresenting the nature of the debt? Hell of a lottery ticket if it works!
  12. Human tolerance will expire way before that!
  13. Till Labor Day or the collapse of Civilization, which ever comes first - just like for everything else.
  14. I suppose someone could take a scam to the level of sending fake paper work - pretty clever if they get your credit report and see a Midland entry. Have you contacted Midland through their website? Is the number on the paperwork the same?
  15. I'm sorry - and she'll probably get in trouble if you have it recorded - but it's been two days of lock down and I needed a laugh. Unreal.
  16. Well, it was three years ago. He probably won it all back.
  17. That's rich, considering who he represents for a living.
  18. That's really odd - I don't recall ever getting a letter from an OC saying that they sold an account/
  19. It could be a branded card, so maybe you thought of it as something other than Citi. As @Clydesmom has pointed out in other threads, some places may choose not to report delinquent accounts until they are ready to sue so that they don't end up with FCRA violations. Other possibility is that it's too old to be reported, but that's unlikely. So you got a letter from Citi saying that they sold the account and then immediately got a collections letter from Cavalry?
  20. Yes. So the question is whether they were "required" to send a 1099 at that time, or whether the law was more of a "suggestion."