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  1. This will explain the first bill of sale: What are the other four bills-of-sale?
  2. Congratulations! They won't follow to arb, so you won. @fisthardcheese should have a definitive answer, but perhaps contacting the lawyer and offering a mutual walkaway and dismissal with prejudice might work. Otherwise, yes, I believe you continue with AAA so they can't come back and say you weren't serious. My understanding is that a pro se is to be treated just like another lawyer, yet we see so many of these cases where the plaintiff's lawyer lies about the defendant's cost of arbitration. If they did that to another lawyer they'd probably face sanctions.
  3. We got letters from Northstar - they are just a collection agency. When they sue, it will be Discover.
  4. And B's K is providing that. I've just been burned by the old adage that "the cover-up is worse than the crime," so I'm sensitive to those situations.
  5. Count me in, as well. Sounds like BoA, and others, have been willing to work with you, but you let too many excuses get in the way.
  6. What did you dispute, specifically, with PRA? For Account Stated they are most likely using the final balance that was never disputed with the Original Creditor. As for the rest, the problem with arguing against an MSJ is that you need something concrete - like a witness that will testify PRA made up the whole thing just to stick it to you. Just saying "I dispute this because I never entered into a relationship with PRA" is a waste of time.
  7. That looks like he signed it with a mouse - they probably do that once, in the system, and it just adds the image when he clicks "sign"
  8. I don't know about that. Consumer debt collection is about as low as it gets for a lawyer, so he's probably some idiot who is just glad he has a gig - which probably doesn't pay enough to cover his student loans. Arbitration will make make them go away.
  9. The other thing that always get lost, at times like this, is the fact that the plaintiff was "right." They bought your defaulted account and sued to collect. Unless you really think that LVNV found your name and address blowing down an alley on an old water bill and then decided to Photoshop a bunch of evidence together, there is nothing to appeal.
  10. You mentioned that it looks like a new lawyer, They could have non-suited several cases last year, due to workload, and have started off the new guy on those cases, since the "boilerplate" work of filing was already done once - basically give him some cases that are farther along.
  11. Didn't you say you talked to several people there and they all said no?
  12. Is it possible that the second sentiment affected the first? I suspect that if someone called them, hat-in-hand, apologized for the difficulty that they have caused Midland in collecting their money, and humbly asked for forgiveness in the form of some sort of payment plan, they might find success. On the other hand, calling with an attitude that implies "I'll bet your parents are proud that you destroy people for a living. So here's what I need from you in terms of a payment plan..." may end up with a different result.
  13. Midland is like any other company. I'm guessing that if someone where to approach them with contrition and an honest desire to work something out that they would be amenable. Just as they are probably likely to say "get stuffed" when someone calls them with an attitude.
  14. They are actually probably the best, in that they do work with people and seem to stand by their hardship pledge. Did you fight and lose the original case, or just ignore it and let it go to default judgement? They may feel like they were open to making a deal, in the beginning, but now aren't really in the mood since they've had to go to the trouble of levying funds.
  15. Is the hearing for your MTC, or did court botch that and are going directly to trial?
  16. Haaaaaa! Tough to make a living when entire sales pitch is a lie! Idiot.
  17. So this individual hacks and alters records? Interesting approach.
  18. I think you miss my point, but that, as well. is probably typical. Just know that when you go to a store, bank, restaurant, hotel, airport, or wherever, and you play your entitled victim act, the rest of the folks there are laughing at you, not with you. Again, probably falling on deaf ears.