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  1. I'd be curious to know how many are actually score-only driven, versus reviews of other items. Would assume that the credit inquiry decision-model can be programmed to factor in any/all of the items on one's report. Naturally, I'd expect the higher the score, the less impactful those items are, otherwise the scoring would be meaningless. Afterall, the score accounts for negatives as well as positives.
  2. Cool. That's what I'm looking for. What's the "magic number" for Bank Card approvals?
  3. I pulled "the" score at myFico.com (was much lower than Fako). No specific credit needs at this time...own my cars and already mortgaged for my house. Just looking to play the game a little. May refinance once I get more scores up. No active trades reporting except my current mortgage (only one 30 day late in 2 years). Need to get some positive trades reporting, but am working on removing those negatives first. Considering an AU trade, or a secured card of decent size.
  4. OK. Gotchya. How does it impact score? I only have a few collection negatives on my account, so trying to clean them up and move forward.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I can handle nasty...I know it's just a tact. I'm inclined to call them to test out their demeanor. The other good new is that I have the luxury of time since no specific credit needs.
  6. With all due respect, I've done a lot of research and continue and I think I have a pretty good knowledge of the basics, but cloudy on some of the details. I think I may just be leaving out some pertinent details leading you to the wrong conclusion. By asking some of these questions, it helps me to understand the particulars as they relate to my situation. It doesn't help matters that I am reading my report from the FICO site-generated reports. (from myFico). There are TWO listings, both with the same original balance and current balance. First one says, "Collection agency was hired to co
  7. OK, so it would appear that PFD is my only recourse at this time. Procedurally, should I DV, then PFD or just go straight for PFD. I suppose PFD would be the easiest path to success. Although I'm working on some repair, I have no particular needs and some spare cash to deal with it. Is the OC and or previous collection listing allowed to remain in spite of the new one? Wouldn't that be double-jeopardy? Any recommendations?
  8. I will look into the EXACT date of last activity, but it was early 2008, so I'm fairly certain it's appx 1 year or less of reporting SOL certainly suing is since it's 4 years here. The only way I can probably find out for sure, would be calling the utility and seeing if they will tell me when the last payment was made. With the new JDB, if the "date open" and aging dates are able to be listed at-will, this is as derogatory as a brand new, fresh collection, is it not? How can they get away with that? For sake of procedure, let's assume for now, that the date of last activity was early 2008.
  9. 1. DEFINITELY send a certified letter to the collection company IMMEDIATELY asking them to verify. This must be done before 30 days. Send it certified with return receipt. (do it TODAY) Cap1 is VERY aggressive and derogatory with their reportings as it's part of their business model. Be diligent and proceed with awareness. 2. Dispute that via Debt Validation letter too. If it's not 100% accurate, they are legally obligate to remove it. Send it certified mail , return receipt also to all the CRA listing it. 3. The can place it any time they want. The SOL begins from the date of last activit
  10. Please re-read above. I was confusing a couple of other accounts with this one and revised the above to be more accurate.
  11. I am not exactly certain...it's a utility bill in which they are reporting multiple accounts. On myFico.com gathered reports it says, "A collection agency was hired to collect a debt of $xx.xx originally owed to OC" On the new listing, (It's a little over $2K), it lists "Trident Asset Management" a JDB, I suppose and lists them as OC and CA. I have received zero communications from them and ironically showed up almost IMMEDIATELY after I start snooping around my own reports, etc. So far, only appearing on Equifax, but I'm confident they'll try to ding all three. Pretty sure they are maki
  12. If I pay-off an OC through a PFD arrangement, and the debt has either been sold or assigned. Can I then force the JDB bottom-feeders to also delete? Thx
  13. Not to beat a dead horse, but is there any FACTUAL information that an AU account only effects FICO if piggy-backed card is spouse?
  14. Additionally, I may fire-off a zombie-debt letter to the new CA for their violations of inaccurately reporting and re-aging this account. Since it's only reporting to one CRA agency, will dispute with them as well.
  15. All accounts are marked as UNPAID, including this larger one. (not SOLD, etc.) So, actually getting dinged for two largish collections. I do have the funds to work it out, but won't consider anything but PFD. They are old enough that they aren't really effecting my scores much right now. Having the luxury of no immediate credit needs puts me in the driver's seat, I suppose. Any thoughts about calling them vs. sending a PFD letter? I probably need to call anyway to figure-out why there's 4 accounts listed. Thx
  16. So, trying to understand: only some users get benefit of AUTH for true FICO (from what I've gathered it's Spouse and children who actually gain it). Wouldn't that be EXTREMELY difficult for CRA and FICO to ascertain with names being different even within households? Address would be the only other way I suppose, but then what about college kids, etc? Do all credit card companies and lenders use FICO or some use FAKOs? I haven't pulled my true FICO in years, but would be curious as to how they compare. Usually higher? Lower? Fortunately I have little debt and no specific credit needs, but a
  17. From what I can ascertain lenders using the Fico08 scoring model catch it, but apparently not many are using it. I'm gonna try it this month and see. Will advise.
  18. I have an electric utility that is reporting on my EQ CRA five accounts. (3 small ones that I think came from apparent settlement items not getting paid from a previous house sale...all small: $99, 115, 490) However there's a large one of appx $2K that is being listed as a collection from OC, but recently was purchased by a consolidator (Trident) and is now double-dinging me with both the OC and the CA reporting it with a different account# and a different status (one listed as UNPAID, the new listing is "120+ days delinquent"). Is this legal? To reiterate: all 4 accounts are reporting wit
  19. Letter was sent on March 3, so I'll DV it tomorrow! (in fact, just looked...main PO is open 'til 8:00 today, so may do it NOW!)
  20. Wins, I like that plan. The CA letter states that it's from the local school district.
  21. In 2008 I successfully purchased tradelines to raise my score for FICO scoring purposes. It worked on both Fako and FICO and gave me a big bump. I realize there was a Fico08 scoring model modification that may have effected it since, but worked great for me.
  22. This is interesting to me...I hear of people all the time using AU to boost their scores, including FICO for mortgage use. I did so myself in 2008 and worked like a charm. Has something changed over the recent years? Thanks.
  23. What about the credit repair services who offer pay-for-trades where they add users to cards to bump their scores? If this didn't work, I'd assume they'd be out of business in a month!
  24. I am new here, but not new to the credit/repair game. However, in a quandary.... Couple of weeks ago got a letter for a $26 per capita tax collection assigned to a CA. I'm about to fire-off a dispute letter, since I never got a bill, notice, etc. It's currently not reporting and is within 30 days. Dispute only. Pay it? Of course, $26 not worth hassling much, but I don't wanna get dinged for it. Thanks.