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  1. I guess so....It was hard to decide because of all the info you can get from people on different forums. It is written that if I am more than 10 days late with a payment then a default judgement could be issued against me. But as mentioned no more interest or other fees so thats good. Also no worries about wage garnishment. I do wonder how it would show on a credit report since it's not a judgement against me.
  2. I had my pre-trial conference yesterday at my local courthouse. I was asked by the judge why I was there and showed hime my letter to appear. He said they were expecting the plaintiff to arrive shortly. I was being sued by CitiBank for a credit card debt of $10,100. Of course I was hoping they didn't show as that would mead a case dismissal. But shortly after 11am the representative showed up and asked me to talk in another room. He stated that Citi would take $5,000 cash now and would settle the case. Sounded great except I was short about $4,999. The next option was to pay $7,600 at $200/m
  3. I am going to my first pre-trial conference in one week. This is for a lawsuit CitiBank brought against me for a credit card debt. I think I was informed on this forum that the conference is more of a negotiation mtg. for reaching a settlement. If I don't reach one and a court date is assigned can I still get the lawyers representing Citi to give me all my credt card info like all charges made and the original contract with the card company? I would not be able to pay a lump sum settlement so should I try to go to trial or is it possible I could get them to agree on a more lengthy payment pl
  4. I don't want to bore anyone with my sob story but what is really botering me is this...Citi allowed me to go on a hardship plan for a year by paying 150/mo and after the years my balance came down 1000. I asked them to extend the program as my wife still was not working but they denied me. I told them I could still only afford 150/mo and they said to keep sending it in. I did and after 2 mos. my balance was up from 9000 to 9300. I felt like I was throwing money away so I stopped altogether. As we got close to the 180 days of not paying they started offering me options when I logged into my acc
  5. Tangle....If you see this...what about the wage garnishment issue and the offers they made me...If I go to trial I could wind up paying the whole amt and with interest it could take forever...Let me know
  6. I hear what you are saying but I risk wage garnishment if I don't settle. The law firm had sent me a letter with 3 options. The first was to pay a one time 6500 payment on the 10100 debt> I could not do that. The second was to make 3 consecutive monthly payments of 2400. I could not do that either. The last option was to call them to make longer term payment arrangement. Someone in the forum here advised against doing this. Why do you think I should go to trial? Thanks for the help.
  7. What i can expect at a Pre-Trial conference? I'm scheduled for one on 4/2/14. It's on a credit card debt from CitiBank in the amount of $10,100. The card company has its own lawyers representing them (not a debt buyer) as citi was listed as the plaintiff on the summons I was served. How should i prepare for this type of hearing?
  8. I understand that but since these lawyers are representing the actual financial institution I was not sure how to proceed. I would imagine I'd be seeing them at the Pre-Trial conference anyhow. What can I expect at the conference???
  9. I have a Pre-Trial conference scheduled on 4/2/14 for a lawsuit CitiBank has against me (credit card debt $10,000). CitiBanks lawyers sent me a letter with 3 payment options. Two I could not afford but the 3rd option was for me to call them to discuss long term solution. My question is should I call or wait to see what happens at the Pre-Trial conference?
  10. I dont have alot of debt but enough....I dont think i could file bk after the fact...
  11. I'm looking to make a payment arangement on the lump sum settllement they offered. Is this something I should wait for the pre-trial conference to negotiate or should I call them. I guess I'm confused as to how to proceed. I don't want to bore anyone but this started after my wife was laid off of work a couple years ago. I told Citi the situation and they agreed to put me on a program for a year whereby I paid them $150.00/month on my $10000 bill. After the year was completed my balance was down to $9,000. However my wife was still not working. I asked Citi to extend the plan but they denied m
  12. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? (CitiBank) 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.)( Rubin&Rothman) 3. How much are you being sued for?( $10,200) 4. Who is the original creditor? (if not the Plaintiff)( CitiBank) 5. How do you know you are being sued? (You were served, right?) (Summons) 6. How were you served? (Mail, In person, Notice on door) (Left on my doorstep but not in envelope or afixed to my door) 7. Was the service legal as required by your state?( I assume so but not sure with the way it was left) 8. What
  13. I was sued by CitiBank a while back for a $10,000 credit card debt. The credit card company is being represented by Rubin & Rothman law firm out of Long Island. I live about 160 miles north is Albany. I was left a summons on my doorstep which was not in an envelope or fixed to my door. I answered the summons and denyed 4/6 complaints. Following my answer Citibanks lawyers and I recieved a letter stating we had 60 days to file any motions in the case. None were filed. Shortly after this The law firm sent me a letter regarding settlement. Since it was tax refund time the assumed I was getti
  14. I was sued by CitiBank a while back for a $10,000 credit card debt. The card company is represented by the law firm Rubin&Rothman out of Long Island Ny. I live about 160 mile north in Albany NY. I answered the summons denying 4 of the 6 complaints. Following my answer both their law firm and I recieved a letter from the court stating we had 60 days to file any motions. None were filed. Right after this I got a letter from Rubin&Rothman regarding settlement. Since it was tax refund time they must believe I'm getting some money as the letter they sent stated "make every refund cent count