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  1. Perhaps I need to send Rog's asking for the missing statements and evidence of last payment they claim I made. If they don't have that I could possibly amend my response to invoke SOL?
  2. I contacted Chase back in 2010, told them I wanted to pay my account, we discussed numbers. We agreed on an amount and I paid it. But apparently we were only discussing one account, not both. The other account was never paid. It was a very confusing time, unemployment, divorce, relocation, mental breakdown. All of my accounts defaulted, then I got a job in Oct. 2009 and worked with creditors to pay everything off. Thought I was done. Until this.
  3. I finally received the BOP. In it the JDB states that the original creditor is Chase Bank, successor by merger to Washington Mutuall. According to them: The date the account was opened is September 2, 2003. The date of the last payment on the account is august 11, 2011 The date the account was charged off by Chase Bank, successor by merger to WAMU is June 30, 2009. Does this make sense? Chase charged it off in 2009 and I made a payment in 2011? The only other documents in the BOP are credit card statements. WAMU from 2/21/08 to 3/24/09 (note they claim the account was opened in 2003)
  4. Correction, they claim I defaulted under Chase, that my last payment to Chase was in August of 2011. It was all very confusing at first because I have a chase account, PIF. This is not the same account apparently.
  5. I did not use out of statute limitations, as I was unaware it was Providian, via WAMU, via Chase at the time. I lived in Alaska at the time. I live in California now. I have received nothing from anyone regarding any accounts since I left Alaska in June 2012. I had a change of address, forwarding, always. No idea who I defaulted on, if any, they attorneys have sent me nothing. Questions on the interrogatories: State each residence address for last five years Statue name address and telephone number for every employer for last five years Describe my work for each employer state the nam
  6. I have about a week left. Was in the middle of finals so put it off longer than I should have. So I will finish it this week and get in the mail. Another question, they are asking for all kinds of personal information in the interrogatories...where i was born, every school I attended, every job I have had. am i required to answer every question, or can I object that it is irrelevant to the "incident" referenced in the interrogatories.
  7. Answer filed on my case. Response from JDB attorney is request for admission, which I've prepared. Request for production of documents, which I'm confused on. They are asking for production of documents for an account that went from Providian Bank, to Washington Mutual, to Chase Bank to the JDB. I have no documents regarding this account. I do have documents related to the one and only Chase Account I am aware of, which was paid in full. Do I provide those documents to this attorney again? I already sent them when the original lawsuit was filed? I just received confirmation from my c
  8. ok, thank you for that response. my original post was so long ago I thought I needed to start a new one each time I had a question. particulars, I had a chase account, paid it off. apparently there is a second chase account, which I was unaware of, that is now in the hands of a JDB who is suing me. i have already provided documents relative to the chase account I am aware of. did that prior to filing my answer, hoping it would all go away. it has not. now they are requesting documentation again. i guess since I've already provided it once, it won't hurt to give it again, however,
  9. I have received three documents from opposing counsel requesting documents, requesting admissions and interrogatories. My question is this? If I am challenging standing on the part of the JDB, am I required to provide these documents to them if I do not have any proof regarding their standing to request them? I hope that question makes sense. Secondly, the BOP. Is that a standardized form? I cannot find one anywhere. Thanks for any input.
  10. Thanks. I used the General denial verbiage and listed paragraph numbers and subsections with DENIED and no specifics as to why I'm denying them. It's my understanding I don't have to give specific reasons at this point.
  11. Thanks...I have that form, almost done, but I was under the impression that I could not just generally deny on this form, I had to list each paragraph # and subsection that I was denying. BrokeBaker listed general denial verbiage and I was confused whether I could use that on my response, I am definitely clear that I must use PLD-C-10.
  12. Can a General Denial be used in California if the complaint is verified? I thought I had to list every paragraph number and a denial.
  13. Thank you for the answers. Chase sold my account to a JDB so they won't talk to me. The letter from Chase has some weird barcoding on it. It came with the refund from check from Chase when I overpaid. None of the numbers on the barcoding match any of the four digits of the account number number provided on the summons. I'm going to check with my bank and see if there is any way to get a copy of the check I deposited from Chase on the overpayment back in 2011. Copy of my credit report...what a great idea! I haven't looked at it in so long because it's depressing. 2008-2009 were some hard
  14. I called Chase. They said the account was no longer theirs and could offer no information.
  15. According to my state laws (California), I was substitute served and with substituted service the courts do not consider me actually served until 10 days after the mailing of the summons. Does this mean I count 30 days from the 10 days after the affidavit stating I was served. Or do I count 30 days from the day the summons was drop served on my front porch? I did check court records and it does show I was substitute served so I believe I am understanding the timeline correctly.