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  1. Sorry Willingtocope. Tried to make it smaller font, but I pasted it from a Word document and had blown up the font to read it easier. I will try better next time. Also sorry about the exclimation points. I was a little irittated when i typed it. As for questions? I guess I have lots of them. 1. How does one properly defend against the OC's statement in his affermative defense that I Failed to state claim upon which relief can be granted. 2. He also stated my counter claim is barred by the statute of limitations. Where is that coming from? How do I defend against that? 3. How do I defend
  2. Credit Info Center Help Forum WOW!! This is an awsome case but I need a lot of help!! It started out very simple and has grown by leaps and bounds!! The person who was mentoring me through this case has terminal health issues that have come up suddenly and they can no longer help me. It started out with me getting a letter from United Recovery systems representing Citi Bank wanting me to pay them almost $5,000.00. I sent them a letter stating not to contact me any further because I was paying the original creditor. They obviously checked my credit report, saw I was a man of my word and payi