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  1. I did request production of documents. they are asking for an extension of time after the time is up. Im sorry i used my state abbreviation in my account CT. It is an out of state attorney persuing the case for Cavalry SPV. What you have explained is what I expected. Just didn't know how to handle it. Thank you. I was going to request to argue their motion for an extension but better to compel production i think. As they know i am self representing i believe they are just waiting for me to mess up especially in the addmissions, POD and interrogatories they hit me with. Thanks to Clydesmom and any other replies.
  2. They produced an alleged copy of an alleged statement from the original creditor with my name and the account #. The real account was an installment loan not a CC and either way they have the wrong account # for it on the statement. it is definitly not a case #. so in discovery do i just say i have a statement? in request for documents do i have to give them my statement? can i just motion for a judgement or something? thank you for your response.
  3. Being sues for an alleged CC debt but the Plaintiff has produced a document with my name but wrong account #, wrong amount, and wrong credit limit. Also Plaintiff reports that it is a CC acount but it only has 14 digits and does not meet any CC # format. I know my account # that I defaulted on that was sold. In Discovery do I have to produce a copy of my account # from a statement that I have? Or can I just say I have it? Will they be able to change the account # that they claim or will my records be conclusive?
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