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  1. they told me as long as everything is paid off a 620 is the lowest for a VA home loan
  2. thats exactly what I was thinking. I was in sales for awhile, so I know how it goes. I already have the PFD letter written up just in case. Say worst case scenario, she doesnt go for PFD, should I just leave it on there and let it rot on there for 5 more years or pay up?
  3. thanks guys, I just need to get to a 620 to get my VA home loan. Im at 550-575. I'm also thinking of writing some "goodwill" letters to some creditors I missed a couple payments on, cant hurt right?
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I just actually got off the phone with the lady from: 7. National Credit System $1400 from 2013 - apartment complex went to collections, property mgr said I could leave no charge, then showed up on report 2 months later If you don't have that in writing from the manager then it means NOTHING. not having that in writing definately killed me and it sounded like she had a lot of paperwork detailing what happened. However, I asked why I never received any indication that I owed this money and wasn't given the chance to pay before it went to collections. She rattled off the address that she said she sent the bills to and it was all right except for the suite # of my mailbox, which is why I never received it. Do you think that I have an angle as far as an incorrect address to dispute? Also, I never admitted the debt but said it might be just worth my while to pay it off and get rid of the headache, as long as I had an official written agreement that they would delete and never report on any credit bureau again. She wasnt having that, she said it wasnt the companies "normal practice" and I told her when it is I would entertain the thought. Any ideas?
  5. That just happened to me as well. Me and my property manager had a verbal agreement(im stupid too) That I could just move out early and the apartment company would keep the security deposit. Two months later I have a 1,800 collection on my credit report.
  6. Been reading some more and I am starting to pick up on the fact that some of these collection companies are push overs and some won't budge? If you could give me some advice on these guys I would appreciate it. Of course I am going to dispute with the bureau's first but if that fails some good tips would be helpful. 1. CAP ONE $400 from 2011 2. Midland $900 from 2011 3. CCR Services? got a $100 traffic ticket(camera caught me running light) lol 4. Amerifinancial Solutions $700 from 2011 - medical ER visit - had insurance dont know why I was billed 5. Stern & Associates has like 3 different ones on me for all under $20? 6. RC Clark - $50 - 2012 7. National Credit System $1400 from 2013 - apartment complex went to collections, property mgr said I could leave no charge, then showed up on report 2 months later 8. Calvary Portfolio - $750 form 2012 - I think someone opened this in my name(angry ex) 9. Time Warner and power company send me to collections for unpaid expenses when I moved(not sure company, says online services and receiveables performa, whatever that is) 10. EOS CCA - has me down for some lab work? $50 2013 11.ZALES/CBNA - $650 - 2008 These medical bills are werid because I have insurance and never received bills in the mail for them. Weird. Would anyone like to share their plan of attack on this? Or give me a heads up on what to expect from these collectors? Im obviously disputing credit bureaus first. If there are verifiable ones should how should I deal with them. I guess thats where Im stuck. Do I just keep writing the credit bureaus with a million different reasons or should I just bite the bullet and deal with these guys and get it out of the way? My goal is to delete everything. If I can't do that what would be the next best thing? Obviously settling with them for less money, but if I can get a pay for delete what are the other things they can put down that dont sound so bad. Thanks
  7. So basically I want to dispute every negative account with the bureaus first. If the bureaus can't validate it with the creditor than I am good on those ones and they are removed. If they do legitimize the account I am going to have to wheel and deal with the collection companies to try to get the lowest settlement while obtaining a pay for delete. I'm not sure how hardcore the guys Im dealing with are. Worst case, I negotiate a lower settlement with paid in full or something like that on the report? But that wont really do anything really that substantial to my score so I am going to hope the bureaus take care of it right off the bat. If they don't I guess I have to play the waiting game and wait for my score to climb by paying all my bills on time, maybe get a few secured credit cards and keep optimal balance percentages, And possibly dispute a few inquiries? I just dont really trust these JDB's to honor their side of the deal and totally delete the account. Have you ever heard of someone setting up a deal like that and paying the collection agency and they didnt honor their side if the bargain? Any other ideas you can think of, besides what I mentioned, that could bump my score up? Thanks alot guys, this helps a lot. Im reading a ton but I love hearing from people with experience.
  8. I have been reading that if it comes to the point where I have to settle with the collections agencies I should negotiate a pay for delete, rather that paid in full or some other jargon like that. However, I have been researching and Ive heard from some others say that it's technically illegal and a lot of them wont agree to this. Is this true? Because one source says go for it and another says it doesnt work and its better off to just let the debt sit on your report because merely settling the debt won't do anything beneficial for your credit score. I'm new to all this so thanks for all your help.
  9. Thanks, I think I am just going to send them all out individually just to be safe. Also, how imperative is it that I include a copy of my drivers licence and ss card into the letters? Having trouble locating them and I want to get this ball rolling.
  10. Hello, I am in the process of writing my letters to the CB's disputing multiple accounts for each CB. My questions is, should I include ALL the accounts that I am disputing into one single letter for that CB or should I send out a separate letter for each individual account dispute? Say I have 5 Equifax accounts I'm disputing, can I put these all in one letter or in 5 separate ones? Thanks for any input and advice.