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  1. I think the private investors make money from real estate business. The money earn from real estate business is used to invest in deals. Many a times I find there working suspicious! I don't know why but I only trust big names in terms of private investors.
  2. I do have 1% of contract sell price. Now, how can I found that the seller/buyer is registerd in the OWN program or not?
  3. I have open a second new savings account. I deposit all the money coming from the tenant in it. I do this procedure because I like to keep things simple.
  4. OMG! That was so funny.
  5. In my opinion, paying a visit to customer at anytime, do not come under professional work ethics. It would be direct break of privacy of the individual.
  6. After reading this post I would replace my Times new roman 12 setting to Century Schoolbook 12. Also, just for the record judges do
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