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  1. Thanks to all the support from every one!!! since it is out of SOL you would assume that some money is better than no money right? In order to save me some time and heart pains. I would be willing to give them something if they would be willing to remove it. that way we both gain something. if they stick to their guns then they get nothing. they cant sue and my credit is already shot so what are they accomplishing?
  2. since it was reported recently it just dropped my score 25 points and its so old, is there a way i can recover these points other than time? What would you suggest to have ready if this were to happen?
  3. Hello all that will help, Profile Recovery Associates currently owns a debt that belongs to me. The last active date of this debt is 8/12/2009. Debt total is $1,296.51 Alabama SOL is 3 years for a CC debt. They claim they purchased the debt in 2011 but it didn't appear a$$ collections on my report until 3 days ago. I don't want to make payments because then it becomes active and hurts my credit even more. i want to get it deleted but my research says this company doesn't doe PFD. Should i just give it 3 more years and it just falls of? What are my options?
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