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  1. @Clydesmom yes, I definitely smacked myself in the forehead for this one. In NJ special civil, you can hand deliver, but I neglected to get any verification from them that they received it. Later I sent stuff in the mail certified, and they are trying to use the date I sent certified as the date I submitted my answer, counterclaim and discovery requests. In my answer, I denied the allegation that I owe Midland money, or breached a contract with them. I asserted the defenses that they have no standing to sue, that a contract exists between me and them and have not verified the amount owed. I asserted that the plaintiff has to be readily able to demonstrate their right to sue at the time they file the lawsuit, and they had not done that.
  2. @Wins the Battle is the DOFD date of first delinquency? If so, they have not said, and I have no idea. They sent a bill from May 2011, and asked if I made a payment in September of 2010. OMG! You know what???? In my request for admissions, I asked them to admit or deny that they could obtain copies of the terms and conditions that governed the account at the time it first went into default. They refused to answer because I didn't define what "first went into default" meant. Could this be why they refused to answer??? Also, the original creditor is Citi---bank. I also wanted to note in reference to my questions about discovery that NJ Special Civil Part rules say "discovery shall be completed as to each defendant within 90 days of the date of service of that defendant's answer." This would technically be up until the day of the trial. However, any additional motions I submit must be done 30 days before the trial, which would be tomorrow. Btw, I love your tennis analogy!
  3. NOTE: THIS IS LENGTHY, AND I'VE TRIED TO FIND ANSWERS TO THE ISSUES I'M FACING ON THIS FORUM TO NO AVAIL. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME! I PROMISE THIS WILL MAKE FOR GOOD READING Hello, I received a summons from Midland in December. Shortly after they filed the lawsuit, the notorious NJ DC law firm, I'll just call them "P", called me and told me if I set up a payment arrangement, the lawsuit would "go away." At the time, I agreed to the payment arrangement. A couple of days later, they sent me a letter, dated December 26, 2013, saying I had to sign and return the agreement BY MAIL no less, by December 29, 2013, or else they would "have to continue with collection efforts." Mind you this is only 4 DAYS from the time they MAILED IT, not from when I received it! When I got the notice, I decided not to sign it, because I had no idea what a consent judgment was at the time, and it that phrase didn't sound anything like the payment arrangement I thought I was agreeing to. I timely filed an answer with the court, and on the same day, hand delivered a copy to P a couple of days later. Someone suggested that I also mail a copy of everything to P just to make sure they got it. I did this, but a couple of weeks later (several weeks of bad weather). I should also note that I filed a FDCPA counterclaim based off of the payment arrangement/consent judgment, since they didn't tell me I was agreeing to a CJ on the phone, said that the payment arrangement would make the lawsuit go away, and tried to put me under "duress" by only allowing me a day or two to sign and return the CJ by mail. I also submitted a motion to allow discovery, since we are only limited to 5 interrogs, and submitted requests for admissions, the 5 dogs, and requests for documents. A couple of days after I dropped off the documents to P, I received a letter dated the same day I dropped everything off trying to confirm our "agreement" to the consent judgment. I wrote on the letter stating that I did not agree to a consent judgment, and sent a certified copy of this to them and to the court. Later in time, can't remember the date, they called me stating that they wanted to discuss my answer. I simply said I was advised not to speak to them and hung up. Mind you, I am going at this alone so far, thanks to this awesome forum and all of the extremely useful resources provided by Mr. Phil Stern's website. On February 14, P filed an answer to my counterclaim, denying the allegations - typical failure to state a claim, and also that the claim was frivolous. When what I assumed to be the deadline for discovery passed, February 20, 2014, I sent them a letter saying I hadn't received their responses to the interrogatories. However, I failed to state the 10 day rule - one of many mistakes I've made so far. I sent certified to court and to P. P responded by saying that they never received any docs I hand delivered, that they didn't get notice of any documents or answers or counterclaims (by mail) until February 12, that they only received notice from JEFIS on February 10, so they had until March 14 to respond to discovery. However, they submitted answers to my RFA's and of course objected most claiming I didn't define certain terms so they refused to answer. They also stated they were objecting my motion for discovery and advised me that the motion was premature because discovery hadn't closed yet. I did not receive any responses to my discovery request by March 14, even though this is the date they themselves decided was appropriate. I didn't receive anything yesterday either! CAN I DO SOMETHING WITH THIS FACT? So I am confused - how do they object my motion to permit discovery, yet submit answers to my RFA's? The judge was supposed to rule on this motion on the 14th. The docket has not been updated yet. On Thursday, I received a pretty thick packet from P and P. It was their own requests for discovery. They also submitted 35 interrogatories and 39 requests for admissions! Since they opposed my motion to permit discovery, are they allowed to turn around and do this? Do I have to answer them even though I submitted the motion to permit? Also, if I have 30 days to respond, and trial is set for April 17, should I wait until the last possible day to respond? I received this packet from them on Thursday, March 13, 2014. P also included ANOTHER answer to my counter claim in this packet. They used the same defense and time barred???? I am not sure what they were referring to or what they meant, they didn't cite any law/rule. I thought you had a year to file an FDCPA claim. They also requested dismissal, and opposed my motion for summary judgment, claiming that it was premature because discovery was not over, and that I had not asserted a factual basis that allows me relief. My other mistake was submitting the court forms for the msj, but I did not attach a statement stating why it should be granted. However, after receiving the requests for admissions, and nothing else, I wrote them a letter defending a discovery end date of February 20, 2014, and told them that claiming they didn't get the paperwork would not relieve them of this deadline. I don't know how I will be able to prove this, but I went ahead and filed a motion to dismiss for failure to answer discovery. I also asserted they should not be allowed to use stalling tactics to gather documents that they should have had together before they filed the lawsuit. I asked the judge to rule that the close date was Feb. 20, and dismiss because they had not complied. Another mistake - I didn't explicitly say they had 10 days when I sent the reminder, so I'm not sure if the reminder will be enough to back this up. Miscellanous facts, I have seen "signatures" from 4 different attorneys on this claim. One filed the lawsuit, tried to get me to agree to consent judgment, one filed the answer to my counterclaim, and now this douche bag I've been corresponding with here lately. The RFA's they sent included reference to certain exhibits for me to confirm or use to answer my questions. The exhibits included two affidavits from Debt Collectors about an assignment of accounts - chain of title docs; a bill of sale for each subsequent assignment, and one exhibit in the first assignment sequence, labeled a statement of accounts, but all of the info was blacked out. Also, in the second assignment, the bill of sale made specific references to certain portfolios, but these were black out as well. lastly, they attached a credit card statement from June 2011, but it doesn't appear to be the last bill they sent on the account. there aren't even any late fees on it for that billing period!!! It actually looks a little shady and I would be interested to know what an actual last periodic billing statement looks like. is there a certain format or certain information that a last billing statement must include? So, now that I've walked you through the lengthy details of where I am so far, I am at a loss as to what I should do next! PLEASE HELP!!!!! Is it too late to amend my MSJ? Or even my counterclaim? Can I file another motion to dismiss for failing to answer rogs? Can I use the exhibits they attached to the RFA's against them to argue that they have no evidence that they own the account? Can I file a motion to strike the affidavits, even though I am not sure they have even handed them to the court yet? Do I have grounds to attack these? I saw someone make reference to this before but didn't find an answer, why would Midland make an inquiry to the credit bureau a couple of weeks before filing a lawsuit against me? Are they allowed to do this? Also, I have a question I would like to ask someone off forum, so if someone would please allow me to pm them, I'd be grateful! Additional Info: The case is in NJ. Special Civil Part. Breach of Contract. Less than $2,500 cc account Within SOL. - 6 years Did not send DVR before lawsuit. Can't remember any correspondences pre-lawsuit. Not saying it didn't happen lol! This debt has been disputed with the credit bureaus. Can't remember last payment. The bill they sent is from May 2011. They made reference to a payment I made in 2010. Currently awaiting trial with no jury, 4/17.
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