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  1. @Clydesmom yes, I definitely smacked myself in the forehead for this one. In NJ special civil, you can hand deliver, but I neglected to get any verification from them that they received it. Later I sent stuff in the mail certified, and they are trying to use the date I sent certified as the date I submitted my answer, counterclaim and discovery requests. In my answer, I denied the allegation that I owe Midland money, or breached a contract with them. I asserted the defenses that they have no standing to sue, that a contract exists between me and them and have not verified the amount owed.
  2. @Wins the Battle is the DOFD date of first delinquency? If so, they have not said, and I have no idea. They sent a bill from May 2011, and asked if I made a payment in September of 2010. OMG! You know what???? In my request for admissions, I asked them to admit or deny that they could obtain copies of the terms and conditions that governed the account at the time it first went into default. They refused to answer because I didn't define what "first went into default" meant. Could this be why they refused to answer??? Also, the original creditor is Citi---bank. I also wanted to note in refer
  3. NOTE: THIS IS LENGTHY, AND I'VE TRIED TO FIND ANSWERS TO THE ISSUES I'M FACING ON THIS FORUM TO NO AVAIL. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME! I PROMISE THIS WILL MAKE FOR GOOD READING Hello, I received a summons from Midland in December. Shortly after they filed the lawsuit, the notorious NJ DC law firm, I'll just call them "P", called me and told me if I set up a payment arrangement, the lawsuit would "go away." At the time, I agreed to the payment arrangement. A couple of days later, they sent me a letter, dated December 26, 2013, saying I had to sign and return the agreement BY MAIL no less, by