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  1. Is there anything else I can do?
  2. I sent out the first letters finally and my credit score dropped from 638 to 620. It looks like all my disputes were responded to and verified
  3. Here is an update letter I received. img028.pdf
  4. I beg to differ... a collection company can not be assigned the task of collecting. the OC hires a collection company attorney (granted it could be an collection attorney) BUT are hired. and the caption on the lawsuit would have the OC name, and not the attorney or collection company's name. assignment is basically the OC giving up there rights to the debt. and selling it to someone else.
  5. No, Chase Assigned the debt to PCC. It says so in the Complaint.
  6. I would try, it wouldn't hurt. look at mc-10 , mc-11 or mc-12 (state court forms) if the other side does not object then you just added those cost. if they object a date is set and let the judge say no.
  7. My guess is they do not since PCC sued me for the debt. My question is how do I proceed to find out why CHASE pulled my Credit Report?
  8. post 12... Yes, I just pulled the complaint of the default and the JDB is Professional Collection Consultants (PCC) on the complaint it said the original creditor was Chase. Do I call Chase and ask why they pulled my credit history ? or write a letter to ask?
  9. Post 11: I should have asked it this way. if the debt is past the 4 yr. mark can the CA still run inquiries on the person?
  10. Are these questions right for this forum? I have a default judgment against me. The JDB are running my credit report and so is CHASE for the same debt.? Default was in 2011 CA Ran it in 2012 CHASE ran it in April 2014 ??? CA ran it in Aug. 2014 How can CHASE run my Report? They are running the report under the same Address Identification Number
  11. CA's who are trying to collect on stuff pass the SOL, are they aloud to run inquires, even if it doesn't effect your credit score?
  12. Is there a sample Dispute Letter to send to the CRA?
  13. I'm made my list and there is quite a bit. It seems Experian has about 5-7 CA that do not show on T.U. or EQ. Med. Bills (not to get to personal) My son is covered under an umbrella for his disease. It was said to me that the umbrella would bill my insurance and then the rest would be covered under the umbrella. I believe I wrote letters to this fact to the CA's but it still shows up on my CR. Only on Experian. I'm a bit more aggressive and would like to sue, at what point do I pull the trigger on the CA? I have an AT&T collection, but I disputed it even before it went to collections. Also with Direct TV. I will send out the letter that MadMonkey wrote up. Unless theres a more aggressive letter. I don't see any deadlines in MadMonkey's letter. Are the date's just assumed?
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