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  1. The scheme is that they put your loan in forbearance for years, doubling thhe principal.. then they sell the loan to The Deppartment of Education at the inflated principal amount.. The Department of Education buys the loan at this inflated amount also paying Sallie MAe the interest they would have collected over the life of the loan.. So a $20,000 loan becomes $60,000 that they dont have to service or wait 20 years to receive.. The Department of Education now garnishes your wages,, takes you tax refund, wipes out your checking accounts, swipes your CD;s etc and taps your Social Security for the rest of your life...., The Department of Education then becoming the second most profitable organization in the US.. surpassing Apple Computers in profits..
  2. Sallie MAe has whats called the Forbesrance Fraud Scheme.. THey put you in forberance to rack up the interest.. What you have to research is when the law changed that they no longer needed your signature.. Years ago they needed it.. a few years ago the law chnaged to where they didnt.. maybe you fall into the prior.. Worth checking out as they are known for scamming people this way.
  3. Things have changed a bit since I was here.. The Dept of Ed has addmitted that Sallie Mae was wrong in defaulted my loan.. I have that in writing and I also have a check from them for a $500 refund.. NO letter of apology yet ttho..lol
  4. hmmm..Wondering now if I should go Qui Tam... or maybe Class Action...
  5. I have the time to do it... But suing the federal government is tricky.. I think they are waiting to see if I actually file or walk away as so many do.. I doubt it will go to federal court as 90-95% of all cases filed in federal court never go to court.. most are settlements and I think I would do better with an attorney arguing with them than a single person..less llikely to talk them down..
  6. I mean, how can they even go to court when they have adnitted they were wrong and I have received a refund.. Its just a matter of fighting a settlement.. I thought I was fair..considering all that they have done to me...for 15 years..
  7. I know it did.. And lots of hard work.. Im 15 years in and it's still not over yet... But I am making progress.. at last. At least they have admotted they are wrong.. They had to; I had them.
  8. Congradulations on your victory, btw.. Like I said, never give up..
  9. Maaybe you were talking about getting a refund on court costs..will see how things go... Not sure if there will be fees yet.. They have a few more days.. but I doubt they will respond..
  10. It is illegal. You have to sign and agree to a forebearance.. Get attorny for $100 to write them a letter..Its the old forbearance fraud scheme they do to, as you said, to capitalize your interest. They did it to me too.. tried to anyway..: ) I refused to sign it as I knew they were trying to pull a fast one on me..
  11. The point is that if you feel like Sallie Mae has screwed you over, they probably have.. Never give up; never stop fighting for your rights..
  12. I offered a $240k stettlement but they are ignoring me..cuz thats what they do best, afterall. If they force me into court, I will be adding another zero to that.. Evil bastards.
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