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  1. Oh! Also, yea the unpaid debt increased that much while it was still with Bank of America. It was some ridiculous interest rate but I had been good about paying it off entirely every month until I had an academic crisis and stopped working to focus on salvaging my last semester, so it went unpaid AND I maxed out the rest after which the interest started to accrue
  2. It was a Bank of America credit card To be honest I've ignored most of their phone calls but I can't remember if any were autodials, I know the few I've answered recently weren't. You're right, I mean I don't know their policy and I haven't mentioned it but maybe as broke as I am I should make this $60/month happen to make the thing go away. I'm an idiot for mentioning not only that this program was what I'm doing but that I just didn't want it to affect my application-so obviously those assholes make it affect me
  3. I need advice! Portfolio recovery associates wants to take me to court over a 1200 credit card debt (that accrued on a card with an 800 max). I stopped paying over a year ago during my senior year when I needed to quit my part time job and concentrate on my last year. Since graduation I took two months off, did five months of an unpaid internship, and then decided I wanted to go to the military. I'm trying to go to this summer but I'm going in a selective and difficult program (not boot camp) that I truly believe I can do but definitely need to prepare for. So I'm not working, just doing about