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  1. Hey everyone, considering that most people seem to know their stuff on this forum I decided to ask for some advice and I guess partly to vent as well. Perhaps you can help me with something that has been eating at me for a while. I am not going to suggest that I am with one of the most financially prudent people in the world, but when I found out what their credit score was (they say they never really checked it, even with the free credit advertisements you see everywhere) I have finally found that I am with one of the many people with relatively poor credit. I have found that having poor credit means that we are going to be spending more in interest if we try to get ‘m a credit card, it means that we are going to be spending extra. They never checked for negative reporting, relevant information, or possible mistakes on their credit scores. One of the reasons that is especially frustrating is because I have always tried to make sure that I keep my credit score relatively high. Even with student loans, we would spread them across my parents to ensure that the impact on my credit was not too bad. I have been good about paying credit cards etc. etc. I guess my question is whether any of you have ever gone through things like that, whether a significant other was just careless about their credit and how you fixed it. We are currently looking at possible credit repair options but not sure what to trust on that front. Do you have any advice about possible steps to take next?
  2. Maybe I am being silly here – but why would BMG music (which I assume is the 50–50 joint venture between the Sony Corporation of America and Bertelsmann AG) have anything to do with your car? If you meant for a car payment (and you owe BMG separately) you can contact them here: http://www.bmg.com/category/contact/ Or just call them directly at Phone +49 (30) 300 133 300
  3. Those seem like very good terms. What about after the first year? Surely you are not going to accept charges of upwards of 40 percent right? Congratulations on being approved by the way, I am happy for you especially with the recent discharge. Back on the road to building your credit!
  4. Agreed, I would enquire beforehand because you can jump up and down all you want – if the rental agency is not going to budge, you are stuck stranded. I have seen people be willing to pay the rental and cash and even put down a deposit before, but the rental service will not budge in the slightest.
  5. Exactly what the previous poster said. I have found that sometimes these agencies just take their sweet time or completely overlook sending the adjustments altogether. Most of the time just reminding them is going to take care of the problem. I have found that if you send them something by snail mail, it helps if you make them sign for it. I have found that some agencies will deny ever receiving your request.
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